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  1. NTK

    Understanding How the Klippel NFS Works

    Questions regarding how the Klippel NFS works are raised in many of Amir's speaker reviews. Thomas has suggested starting a thread on this topics and here I am. I am starting this thread with a brief description of the basic principles behind the NFS. You can find much further details on the...
  2. NTK

    DIY 3D Speaker Scanner - the Mathematics and Everything Else

    Let me get this out of the way first. Yes, my goal is to figure out how to build a 3D speaker scanner similar to Klippel's. Of course the first step is to figure out the theories. In my post back in August, I wrote that I knew next to nothing about the mathematics of acoustics. I also wrote...
  3. NTK

    The Technology Behind Samsung's Soundbars

    COMSOL made this promotional video to showcase their acoustics simulation and analysis capabilities. (COMSOL sells finite element analysis software for general purpose scientific and engineering analyses.) The video is from their blog post on the R&D activities at the Samsung Audio Lab in...
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