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  1. March Audio

    Sydney Hifi Show Discount Now Available To All March Audio Customers

    For attendees of the Sydney Hifi show at the beginning of April, March Audio will be offering a 10% discount on all products. We are pleased to announce this discount is going to be available to all customers from today until the close of the show on 5th of April. I will...
  2. March Audio

    Sydney HiFi Show 2020

    March Audio is very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the HiFi2020 show in Sydney, April 3rd to 5th. Come see us in room 15 in "The Corridor Of Sound" on the 9th floor and listen to some great music. We will...
  3. March Audio

    Speaker Cables At March Audio

    We will soon have on the website speaker cables to compliment the interconnects. Using Canare 4S11 any custom length can be made, single or biwire. Locking Banana termination shown here
  4. March Audio

    March Audio P451 Purifi 1ET400A Mono Blocks

    Hi Our P451 Purifi MonoBlocks are now ready, will be on the website this weekend. They follow the form of all our amplifiers, compact enclosure milled from aluminium block with tough anodised finish. Features: OPA1632 based fully differential input buffer with very low noise LT3045/94...
  5. March Audio

    Soul and emotion

    Had a fascinating discussion elsewhere. A few audiophles of the subjective persuasion talked about how the sound of good systems elicit emotional reactions, involvement and have "soul". There is no argument that music can elicit emotional reactions, however to ascribe this ability to, for...
  6. March Audio

    Bloodhound Land Speed Record

    I have a particular interest in this project for a couple of reasons; I spent many years at Rolls Royce Aero Engines in test and development working on the EJ200 engine thats powering the car. The project is also based in Berkeley in the UK where we used to live, at the now decommissioned...
  7. March Audio

    Horn Speakers - Is it me or.......

    OK, it happened again. I recently listened to some large horn speakers. I have periodically done this over many years at various hifi shows. I came away again with the same thoughts. I just don't get them. Firstly they were clearly highly directional. Unless I was right bang in the firing...
  8. March Audio

    March Audio at Melbourne Hifi show

    Quick video, very busy here today
  9. March Audio

    Evil SMPS

    Just generally an interesting video but a mention of a Bruno Putzeys designed Smps caught my attention. At 38:30
  10. March Audio

    Oh this is awesome

    Being ex Rolls Royce and having worked on Concorde this is awesome 10m long RC Concorde with 4 small gas turbines. No afterburner though :(
  11. March Audio

    Apollo Guidence computer smps

    One for @restorer-john
  12. March Audio

    StereoNet 2019 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show

    March Audio are very pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the StereoNet 2019 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show which runs from October 18th to 20th. We will be demonstrating the entire range of equipment so please come and see us in room 1207, have a chat and enjoy some good music ! :)...
  13. March Audio

    Meridian Factory

    Might be of interest
  14. March Audio

    I thought this was cool
  15. March Audio

    High Frequency Hearing Thresholds

    Due to recent conversations in other threads I decided to refresh my knowledge of high frequency hearing thresholds. Its been a long time since I looked at it, so it was a good time to see what newer research has found. The attached document is one of the ones I looked at. Its a hearing...
  16. March Audio

    The comedy of some Hi res recordings

    Happened to take a look at a high res 192kHz track. Its Hazmat Modine. Luckily I didnt buy this at an inflated hi res price. Not sure of the source of the recording. I do like the music though, it's a bit bonkers!
  17. March Audio

    March Audio P701 Mono Block Power Amp

    Just a quck update on the forthcoming P701 monoblock power amp. I was going to be releasing a NC500 based mono block amp next month, however the NC1200 module has just been released and I will be utlising this module instead. The NC1200 has basically the same or better performance than the...
  18. March Audio

    NF Series Interconnect Cables Now Available At March Audio

    The NF (no foo) series of interconnect cables are now available at March audio. These are exceptional quality interconnect cables at affordable prices. The NF series is manufactured using Mogami Professional cable and Amphenol connectors. These cables will ensure the absolute integrity of the...
  19. March Audio

    Can measurements see what we hear?

    I was asked elsewhere if you can see individual orchestral instruments in a measurement. I appreciate that many of you may have seen this sort of stuff before, but there are also many out there who havent, including the person that asked the question. He thought it was not possible so I posted...
  20. March Audio

    To Dig or not to dig, that is the question

    Ok, there has been some discussion regarding digital volume controls. There is naturally a degree of audiophile nervosa on the the subject. To this end I purchased a high quality Alps log 100k analogue pot and bashed together a volume control box. The idea to compare the signals to digital...
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