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  1. jtwrace

    Uptone EtherREGEN

    Yet another unmeasured piece from Uptone on a "problem" that I'm pretty sure doesn't even exist. Oh and if one uses a wireless mesh network, how does this even make any difference if we speculate that it does work? Now you have wireless involved. Come on people. It gets more and more crazy...
  2. jtwrace

    Tekton Impact review disaster (NRD)

    Regardless of what one thinks of the speaker, the review is such a train wreck it's worth watching the first 10 min if you don't want to watch the 45 that it is. Oh, reading the comments is good too.
  3. jtwrace

    Buchardt Audio S400

    These look quite interesting. $1900 shipped in the USA
  4. jtwrace

    WiFi, EMF & your health

    I've been wondering about WIFI and how being around it all the time affects ones health. In my house, I have an eero system which has "pods" all around the house including bedrooms. I've submitted a feature request to be able to put each pod on a set schedule so they will be turned off for...
  5. jtwrace

    **SOLD** FS: Motu 8A **SOLD**

    Up for sale is my just out of the box (2 weeks) Motu 8A multichannel dac. It's quite the dac too! $OLD shipped to your door in the USA I'll add pics later but it's only been out of the box and tested.
  6. jtwrace

    **SOLD** FS: Crown DCi 4 1250N DriveCore Power **SOLD**

    Up for sale is my barely one year old Crown DCi 4 1250N amplifier. I used it with my JBL M2 Master Reference speakers and the tuning is still loaded should you want to use it for that. It's in mint condition and includes the box and power cord as shipped from Crown when new. SOLD
  7. jtwrace

    Mivera Audio DAC

    @Mivera when do we get to see measurements of your dac? :D
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