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  1. Colin James Wonfor

    EWA designs for sale

    Due to old age and not feeling good I will be winding up EWA electronics ASAP. I am also looking for a buyer to take on the designs for the future.
  2. Colin James Wonfor

    Whoops Sorry

  3. Colin James Wonfor

    A Fun MC to MM gain stage

    By using LTC SPICE you can check this odd circuit out. I does work well but the PSU must be very low noise and very well regulated.
  4. Colin James Wonfor

    The limit addition Claymore

    Only 6 of these were ever made, before I and TQ parted. The new one I am doing sounds even better. And now the new one this is the first one made comments on style I would love please. And the original. This one has been modified for a Headphone socket on the front. Oh and there is only...
  5. Colin James Wonfor

    I still hate digital lies

    Q & A from Hi-fi Answers.
  6. Colin James Wonfor

    The New Claymore

    Inputs MC 100R 1nF ( can be custom made ) MM 47K 47pF Line 1-3 1V 22K Output Pre 1V min load 100R Output Power 60+W/Ch 8R 100+W/Ch 4R Headphones 1W max 100R Price £1800 inc Vat
  7. Colin James Wonfor

    Wanted in USA or Canada

    I would like some new company to take my designs and build them in the US or Canada. Due to poor health I have decided to give up and also the UK is just getting silly to live and work in.
  8. Colin James Wonfor

    A Mini review of the M50 Power Amp

    A Mini review by Mr. Alan Brown. Since when will an amplifier sound better the louder it plays? Sure, louder can be more exciting, more enjoyable perhaps, but usually one reaches a point where things get a little ‘ragged’. This can manifest as harshness, sibilance, collapse of sound-stage or...
  9. Colin James Wonfor

    A Bass Guitar Amp not for the faint of heart

    The 4 layer PCB All the cct.
  10. Colin James Wonfor

    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    Often the hum is due to DC on the AC causing saturation in the core of the transformer, more often found in toroidal. This cct works and is cheap.
  11. Colin James Wonfor

    Yellow Duck fun for us big kids

    Three old solar panels from garden lamps, A cheap 3V cassette motor, hot melt glue a nasty prop, and this and now 10 other have escaped to explore the world. On the bottom I glued a lump of iron to keep the devil upright.
  12. Colin James Wonfor

    How would you stop PSU pumping in a Class D Amp

    How would you stop PSU pumping in a Class D Amp. Most of the techy folk here will have come across this maybe with Tripath chips. So how did you solve it? I will put up and idea that works well and reduce component cost. And no cheating by doing it Bridge Mode OK or limiting the bandwidth to...
  13. Colin James Wonfor

    Now hands up who want to try a 40W SECA version?

    Now hands up who want to try a 40W version? I have also done a 40W SECA but it is very heavy, not for the faint hearted and lots of SMD, so hands up for this torture ;)
  14. Colin James Wonfor

    SECA Build

    The Brief History of my life with SECA designs The SECA amplifier designs have been in use for a long time from the early days of valves to the present day. With valves it was a simple matter of biasing the triode and having a transformer coupling to the loudspeaker. Even the first transistor...
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