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  1. stunta

    Two 6" drivers vs. one 8" driver

    Does driver size versus the number of drivers affect how a speaker can handle lower frequencies and also the dynamics? As an example, all else being roughly equal, would the speaker perform better with two 6" drivers instead of one 8" driver? To be even more specific, if we take Revel speakers...
  2. stunta

    Grateful Dead Archive

    For the dead-heads. Get high and enjoy
  3. stunta

    How bad is my room?

    Dirac measurements and corrections are in the images below. To my untrained eye, my room has some major issues. There are deep troughs at 70Hz and around 270Hz that Dirac's 10db limit can't adequately correct. The rest of the measurements look all over the place and nowhere near flat. Am I...
  4. stunta

    FS: ATC SCM-19 speakers
  5. stunta

    [SOLD] FS: Classe Preamp & Amplifier

    CP-800 preamp with built-in DAC: CA-2200:
  6. stunta

    Hyperlinks in dark mode

    I switched to dark mode (XF2 Default Dark under Preferences) and now its almost impossible to identify hyperlinks. Here is an example. @amirm
  7. stunta

    [SOLD] FS: Leica Leitz Summicron-R 50mm F2 (Made in Germany)

    I know there are many photo enthusiasts on this forum, so giving it a go here. Lens is in pretty good physical condition given its age. A bit of dust inside (see photos) but I haven't seen it affect the image quality. Focus ring is smooth, aperture ring is nice and clicky as it should be. No...
  8. stunta

    Need advice on crossover setting for JBL 708P

    Hello, This is my setup 8 Channel MiniDsp. Mains: JBL 708P Center: JBL 708P 2 Rythmik FM8 Subs; mains are sitting on top of these. These can be configured to go from 50-200Hz mid-bass drivers. 1 REL Storm III 10" subwoofer Surrounds: Small 5" ATC speakers. I have a tricky situation with the...
  9. stunta

    [SOLD] JBL 305P MkII Pair $150 OBO

    2 years old. Purchased brand new from B&H photo. Functional. Will ship in original boxes. Free shipping to CONUS. Amir's review:
  10. stunta

    Is Revel a good match for JBL?

    Hello ASR members, TL;DR: Are Revel speakers a good match for JBL in a 5.1 system? My current surround set up is a mix of speakers. Front mains are JBL 708P. Center is JBL 306P. Surrounds (L&R) are ATC SCM7 (v1). I am thinking of making the system consistent by replacing the ATCs with speakers...
  11. stunta

    Onkyo getting acquired

    Wonder what will happen to Integra. I have their pre/pro.
  12. stunta

    Netflix upping sound quality

    Not lossless, but I'll take anything I can get.
  13. stunta

    Interstellar soundtrack - which version?

    This is my favorite movie of all time and I want the best possible recording of the soundtrack with the most number of tracks. I don't know why I never got around to buying the soundtrack. The regular CD version has terrible reviews because apparently it doesn't have what the movie has. The...
  14. stunta

    Devialet Reactor

    Has anyone listened to this? It looks so nice and compact, I feel like just buying it (shoot first, ask questions later)!
  15. stunta

    Mixing sealed with ported

    Are there any known issues with mixing sealed speakers/subs with ported speakers/subs in the same system? If so, what are they and why? Besides getting them to match by replacing equipment, is there any other way to mitigate the issues, if any? Thank you!
  16. stunta

    Dirac for any DAC?

    Does Dirac Live only work with their list of supported DACs? I was hoping to run it on my computer connected to my USB DAC but the program looks for a device on the network, gives up and there is nothing more I can do with it. Is this a closed ecosystem?
  17. stunta

    Amazon Echo Link

    Interesting product. Looks like it needs an existing Echo device for voice control with Alexa. If Alexa can integrate with Tidal and stream to this, things could get quite interesting. Or Roon guys need to get on with it and integrate with Alexa. @amirm, a good one for your review backlog perhaps?
  18. stunta

    Image URLs broken

    Can't add image URLs. I get a dialog that says "Something went wrong. Please try again or contact your administrator". I tried again. Now I am contacting my @admin
  19. stunta

    Dirac & Roon?

    Anyone here using Dirac with Roon? Any issues? Background: I've been using REW and plugging in the filters manually into Roon, but from what I am reading, Dirac is more idiot-proof and that is exactly what I need :-) But I need it to work with Roon.
  20. stunta

    How do I see all the posts I have "Liked"?

    There are posts I have liked that I felt are very informative. It would be great to revisit them as a refresher. I can't find a way to list all the posts I have liked. Any ideas?
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