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    PS Audio M700 Monoblock Amplifier Review

    I'd like to point out that Parasound sells the Zonemaster 2350, while not as sexy as the PS Audio uses a 2 channel variant of the 700ASC (700ASC2) and comes at a significantly lower cost. The Parasound is more practical in most ways, however lacks balanced inputs (probably not an issue with...

    PS Audio M700 Monoblock Amplifier Review

    IcePower has been in the game longer and if, as a manufacturer, you're concerned with long service life it's a safe bet to go with the OEM with the longest proven track record. It's come up more than a few times that Hypex uses less expensive capacitors on their modules which could lead to a...

    Research Project: Infinity IL10 Speaker Review & Measurements

    Interesting impressions. While I had the 530s I noted that the bass had obvious limits and they worked best mated with a subwoofer. They had satisfying bass but there was a lot of port noise with certain tones and it was significant at levels exceeding what I'd call casual listening. The center...

    Research Project: Infinity IL10 Speaker Review & Measurements

    I’ve compared these two. I won’t taint your impressions by sharing my mine. I’ll be interested to get your take and talk to you about it.

    Research Project: Infinity IL10 Speaker Review & Measurements

    Entra uses MMD drivers, Interlude uses CMMD. Entra uses .75" tweeter, Interlude uses 1" tweeter. Some Interlude speakers were made in mexico, others made in USA. I have two pair of the Interlude 10, one made in USA, the other Mexico.

    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    ABX testing feeds into the biased theory that the sound signatures of front end components is far past negligible in all but the most extreme of cases with those with the most acute abilities.... wait a minute...

    Revel M105 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The frequency range and size comes close to my Linn Katans. By ear the Linns are the most tonally accurate monitor I’ve owned. Now I’m starting to get get curious. I have one I could spare for a while...

    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I considered buying a pair of these for $700 a few months back. They were in pretty great shape too. My last experience with extremely heavy bookshelf speakers was the Thiel PCS monitor. I don't think I ever hated a speaker more than those. They looked awesome, they were very well made, but they...

    Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player Review

    Where’s the Cookie Monster with my pictures?
  10. SEKLEM

    Research Project: Infinity IL10 Speaker Review & Measurements

    First, thank you Amir for this review and research project! I've had the Infinity Interlude 10 speakers for 18 years. I've had no other audio component longer than these. When I was "shopping" for my first serious speakers at Circuit City I was enamored with the idea of having floor standing...
  11. SEKLEM

    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    Would a speaker that measures like this have any issues with cabinet ringing? I've had several bookshelf speakers that have a propensity to resonate with certain instruments and vocals. It's overwhelmingly obvious with much of the material from Radiohead for example, which uses a low of piano...
  12. SEKLEM

    Linn AV5125 5-channel Amplifier Review

    I have Linn Katan monitors that have a very bright presentation. It's not shrill, or screeching, but they sound better (at least to me) with the treble adjusted down a little. Linn has always designed their electronics to suit their speakers, even going as far as a system of active crossovers...
  13. SEKLEM

    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    I spy Sony SS-CS5 monitors and something from PSB!
  14. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 Amplifier Review

    Thanks. I had the opportunity, after talking to my neighbor about loud noise, to test the limits of my tolerance. Listening to Pink Floyd's Money at -5.0dB at the preamp with Linn Katan monitors as my mains. They're spec'd to be 85dB 1w/1m and an 8 ohm nominal load. The Niles SI-275 never...
  15. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 Amplifier Review

    What’s your impression comparing between these two amps?
  16. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 Amplifier Review

    Oddly the published specifications for the 2125 show it has a lower power consumption than the SI-275.
  17. SEKLEM

    Schiit Vidar Amplifier Review

    Don't see any reason to replace my Niles SI-275. Although this looks a hell of lot cooler than the Niles.
  18. SEKLEM

    Jeff Rowland 535 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Headless panther was my first thought as well. I believe the only reason it does NOT have a headless panther is that there isn't something functionally "wrong" with the amplifier. It's just vastly overrated.
  19. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 Amplifier Review

    I’ve used the loop outputs for lots of things, testing other speakers off another amp, running A/B comparisons and such.
  20. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 Amplifier Review

    It seems the manufacturer ratings for power on nearly spot on with 75 watts RMS @ 8 ohms and 120 watts RMS @ 4 ohms. Voltage gain is also stated to be 28.5v, that matches the measurement shown here. Manual states "10 hz to 70 khz (-1 db)" Near as can be seen on your graph that appears to be...
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