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    Any DIY SET tube amp recommendations?

    I know, I know. But I'm curious and it sounds like a fun project and I have some efficient Klipsch speakers to pair it with. Any recommendations for a public domain schematic that is worth to spend time and reasonable amount of money on?
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    Do mobile providers throttle Spotify streams?

    So I recently switched to an AT&T entry-level unlimited plan from a capped one because my family would burn through any pre-allocated limit and now my Spotify sounds like crap when streaming over wireless, my guess it is the "Low" 24kbps stream as 96kbps generally sounds ok. Tried switching the...
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    SOLD [Topping DX7s DAC/Headphone amp] SOLD

    Topping Dx7s. Good shape, everything works. Power, stock USB cable, 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter included. No remote. Yours for $250 all-inclusive shipped to CONUS. Priced to sell.
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    The N-Amping thread

    Let's first cover the basics. Should one bother?
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    Nelson Pass amps

    Any opinions? Nelson is certainly no fool and a well respected subject expert, but my impression he's more in the "sounds good" than in the "measures good" camp. Just trying to place the "NP" brand in the right perspective for myself.
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    A cost no object ideal Analog Reconstruction Filter - is it a thing?

    The endless agonizing about oversampling digital interpolation filters and how they can badly affect the sound leaves one wondering if it is possible to create an ideal analog filter that would make a digital filter unnecessary. The common knowledge tells us that digital filters were introduced...
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