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  1. digitalfrost

    Vinyl Record Industry Fears 'Vinylgeddon' After Fire Burns Down Apollo Masters Plant If any of you guys have some records on your buying list, I suggest you get them now.
  2. digitalfrost

    Can speakers be as precise as headphones?

    When I was young, I spend hours in the living room while my parents were watching TV, listening to music on headphones. They were either closed or half-open, whatever it was, sound didn't leak out enough to case a nuisance. From that age, I remember that headphones were somehow more detailed...
  3. digitalfrost

    Can you mix different stereo DACs in a setup?

    Assuming you have a multi-channel setup, or semi-active or fully-active stereo speakers, all with separate components: Can you simultaneously use multiple different stereo DACs? I'm thinking different time-delays in the DA conversion could be an important factor. Especiallly if you run a...
  4. digitalfrost

    Knives. Knifethread.

    Audiophiles are people that like overbuilt things. Things that are much better than necessary. Looking at the watch thread, I realized one thing. I might have a hifi problem, and I might have a watch problem. But for sure, I do not have a knife problem. I mean these are just 4 of my...
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