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    On Saturday I was enough lucky to waste few hours with a true really audiophile setup. First at all, I have to specify this point: the location is a cave, as you can deduct by yourself. In a decent audiophile cave, we need a turntable (at least one). BTW I was... Errr, listening...
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    Intel destroyed by AMD, let's talk like audio

    So when you lose on the spec side, it's time to follow the audio industry snake oil standards. Measurements are from the past, let's talk about the organic experience.
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    Some help using REW required

    Guys, I'am starting to use REW and the UMIK-1 and it is great fun. I've measured few minutes ago an ultra low cost one speaker large range unit and I obtain something like that with REW. I was waiting for some catastrophic measurements but it is not so bad. Anyway I am really a newbie in this...
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    Stuck @Home project #48

    This is a 3D printed pair of speakers. The design is from Akemake in 2014 (more info here). Akemake is no more here but a company, called deeptime is managing the commercial product. In our case with use speakers are from Aliexpress. I like very much them, I use often these speakers in my DIY...
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    Poor man Speaker Stands Cardiovascular Broomstick pump

    Stuck at home. Two weeks ago we received the Elac reviewed by Amir. Reading literature here and there I've understood the tweeter and my ears have to be at the same height. Audio shops are closed, no delivery from Amazon. Mmm... - "Ma chérie, do you think we can do this?" - "No problemo" -...
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    Logitech Media Server etc...

    We are stuck at home. After I've seen the awful measurements from the French brand D****** unit and put them in relation with the cost of their equipment, I think it's time to write few lines in total opposition with this kind of product. Let's talk about Logitech Media Server, about low...
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    Jazz in Chicago?

    My wife and I have to waste our time few days in Chicago this week. Could you recommend some places where listen to Jazz music, something like the Village Vanguard in NY? Thanks in advance.
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    Happy New Year from Marge Bender.

    Happy new year.
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    Next SMSL SU8 version will be bended a lot

    As you can see by yourself:
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    Best DAC in the world, vacuum but no tube

    This is there. Explanations are here.
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    Only one comment, this has nothing to do with VU meters
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