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  1. Juhazi

    Weird Cars Thread

  2. Juhazi

    Is there a section / subforum for DIY..?
  3. Juhazi

    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Review of the big brother here So, similar salestalk and some info - D series cd has two voicecoils but no xo in-between. Horn is based on patents of M2 horn and they call it HDI now.
  4. Juhazi

    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Perhaps it was April fools, or someone at marketing dept. got bored working from home... - a compact, high-performance bookshelf loudspeaker - delivers music with authority and accuracy not possible with traditional loudspeaker designs. - Pure-pulp cone woofer for powerful dynamics and...
  5. Juhazi

    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    Amirm has quite a bookself... "The JBL 4349 Studio Monitor is a compact, high-performance bookshelf loudspeaker"
  6. Juhazi

    Salk WoW1 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    WOW1 is in bookshelf/surround category now, isn't that just right? (can't find WoW1 anywhere else but at ASR)
  7. Juhazi

    Show us your Cars

    I modded my new 30e a little...
  8. Juhazi

    Bose 901 Series V Speaker Review!

    We must remember that these "wall of sound" speakers come from monophonic era, trying to fill the room with one box, but Bose 901 was designed for stereo. At that time designers obviously didn't know the modern basics of sound radiation and measurement systems were poor. Also music spectrum was...
  9. Juhazi

    Bose 901 Series V Speaker Review!

    Thank you Erin, again excellent work with measurements and review, as expected! To me 901 looks like a bad dipole backwards! Angled baffle might be the reason why 180deg response is way better than 0deg, and also major reason for all those peaks and dips - interferences from adjacent drivers...
  10. Juhazi

    Philharmonic BMR Speaker Review

    Red line might be ambient / mic's noise
  11. Juhazi

    What are we listening to right now..

    I guess this tune will never go out of fashion...
  12. Juhazi

    What are we listening to right now..

    A new release from multi-talent Marzi Nyman and soprano Anu Komsi
  13. Juhazi

    Speaker position simulator?
  14. Juhazi

    Any motorcyclists on this forum?

    Enhusiast here, but not with many bikes or km's 1974 Solifer SM 50cc moped, sold 1980 1978 KTM 125 GS (-74) 2-stroke enduro racer the bike I loved most, sold 1982 --- 2009 Yamaha SRX-600 (-87) tragical tuning project..., sold 2013 2017- Triumph Sprint 955RS (-07), mostly ridden by my younger...
  15. Juhazi

    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    Air temp and density are not as meaningful as the temp of the DUT and microphone capsule (surround and spider Young's modulus). In Guy's test the DUT was in fridge before measurements, which were obviously done in same room temp. This series of tests shows how important small details in...
  16. Juhazi

    Physical speaker measurements: driver dimensions

    Don't know about standards, but looks like NO. Even loudspeaker driver manufacturers use haphazard measurements. For simulations, to determine actual Sd (radiating surface area) of a circular unit, diameter should be taken from middle of surround roll. All drivers spec sheeets give dimensions...
  17. Juhazi

    Afordable ADC for vinyl

    I have Terratec iVinyl ADC with RIAA and capacitance switches. It has only USB out and is no longer available as new. For editing I use Audacity. Terratec has no high pass filter, so rumble filtering and click removal help a lot!
  18. Juhazi

    Sprinkle seminar Moving Mic Method

    TrueRTA measurement software has longer history than REW or other gated FREE systems. REW can do RTA (real time analysis) as well.
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