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  1. jackenhack

    Sony NW-A105 Digital Audio Player Review

    The EU cap is such a stupid idea that the mind boggles. Just look around on any public transport and see how many uses the included earbuds versus upgraded headphones. I can only speak for Sweden, but I would guess that somewhere around 70% have replaced the headphones. And with better...
  2. jackenhack

    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    Why aren't there any decent audio streamers with Dirac Live or other corrections? I refuse to buy a unit "blind" without a thorough measurement by @amirm. After finding this site, I only purchase equipment that's been tested here. I haven't been disappointed yet, every piece of gear works great...
  3. jackenhack

    Auralic LEO GX DAC Clock Review

    Well, if you want to go crazy, just get a used rubidium atomic clock or GPSDO from eBay for a pittance. Connect it to my frequency generator card, where you can get eight different frequencies at 0 PPM and replace all your oscillators in your DAC. It won't sound better, but it will be insanely...
  4. jackenhack

    Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Streamer Review

    Any chance of pictures inside?
  5. jackenhack

    SMSL M500 Teardown & ESS ES9038Pro DAC Thermal Analysis

    It would be kind of interesting to see how it performs with a heat sink mounted.
  6. jackenhack

    Review and Measurements of Yamaha WXA-50 Streaming Amp

    I hate to say it, but it has pretty decent performance overall. I am still hoping for a reasonably priced amplifier a bit closer to the THX unit.
  7. jackenhack

    Measuring RME ADI-2 Pro with QuantAsylum QA401

    And when doing balanced, you don’t need to terminate at all.
  8. jackenhack

    Measuring RME ADI-2 Pro with QuantAsylum QA401

    You only need to terminate the unused input when doing unbalanced measurements. So remove the 50 ohm terminator on the input.
  9. jackenhack

    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd NFB2 192 DAC

    Did we go through the evils of feedback, jump to the benefits of meditation for use as a tool for audio testing, and now we're back at the sins of feedback? I’m going to apply my nihilistic approach for this one...
  10. jackenhack

    Review of NanoPi NEO2: World's Smallest Audio Streamer

    That worked like a charm! Thanks! Will update my article on my blog.
  11. jackenhack

    Topping D70 DAC

    Just when I needed a review of the D70! Fantastic timing.
  12. jackenhack

    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    Yes, very awesome! And they are making the new version with XLR, so I’m really anxious to get my greedy little hand on the new board.
  13. jackenhack

    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    The Khadas guys have fixed the problem. But they are working on a new version of the Khadas Tone Board, this one with XLR-connectors on it, so they will spin a new board with the fix included. It will be a couple of months I would guess.
  14. jackenhack

    Review of NanoPi NEO2: World's Smallest Audio Streamer

    It’s way overdue to draw my Audeze headphones instead. :)
  15. jackenhack

    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd DAC19 DAC

    I don't understand how this company can still be in business. I bought two different op-amps from them, and they were horrible. Fully discrete components and the old NE5532 was many times better, but You can get it for pocket change. I’ve never seen a good measurement of any equipment from that...
  16. jackenhack

    Review of NanoPi NEO2: World's Smallest Audio Streamer

    Thank God there is a bunch of nerds on this excellent forum. I think I have a solution to your problem.
  17. jackenhack

    Chernobyl series on HBO

    My nineteen-year-old son didn't call for a couple of days. Finally got an SMS message with this image attached. He said he just needed to see it for himself. Yes, that's a Geiger counter around his neck. We used to play Call of Duty around this structure when he was younger. Cool dude.
  18. jackenhack

    Review and Measurements of Rane PS1 Phono Amp

    The Cambridge Audio Azur 640P Phono Stage has the same type of power supply, but I guess they designed the PCB better because if I'm not mistaken, it measured a lot better than this when it comes to power supply noise injection.
  19. jackenhack

    Review and Measurements of Teac AX-501 Amplifier

    I'm going to become even more annoying when I become a Patreon supporter next week! :)
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