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  1. VeerK

    WTB: RME Digiface USB

    Hi guys, Looking for an RME Digiface USB to test a couple of ideas in my audio system. Hoping to buy from one from the ASR community. Thanks!
  2. VeerK

    Aggregating Audio Devices in Windows

    Is anyone familiar with a method to aggregate multiple audio devices, in Windows? The method in MacOS is ludicrously simple, I wish Windows had something even remotely similar in its OS. I’ve tried the Asio4All method and it keeps having crackles and pops, and I can’t change the buffer sample...
  3. VeerK

    Finishing a DIY 2-Way Speaker with Digital Crossover

    Hi guys, I’ve just gotten around to finishing the cabinet for my custom 2-way monitors, using a ribbon tweeter. I’ve decided to implement a digital dsp crossover to maximize flexibility, but I’ve gotten a bit confused about how to do so. Here’s what I’m hoping to do here: PC and MacBook to DSP...
  4. VeerK

    SOLD: SMSL M500, less than 3 weeks usage

    Hi guys, Listing the M500 here for sale, less than 3 weeks of usage, maybe a couple of hours a day during that time period. All boxes and materials are included, it’s a complete unit. No issues with it at all, I just ended up getting the Topping D90 because it matches the aesthetics of my THX...
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