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  1. sweetchaos

    Master List of Speaker Companies

    -=GOOGLE SHEETS LINK=- --------------------------------------------------------- I created a master list of speaker companies around the world. :D Sample: Please let me know if I made a mistake or you would like to add something. ;)
  2. sweetchaos

    POLL: Should Amir purchase additional software add-ons for Klippel NFS?

    On the topic of "Complaint thread about speaker measurements": Some members expressed their opinion about measuring more data than currently shown in the speaker measurements. The question arose whether ASR community wants Amir to purchase the following software add-ons for Klippel NFS, in...
  3. sweetchaos

    Tube vs Solid State Amplifiers

    Audioholics just posted: "Tube vs Solid State Amplifiers: Which Sound Best?" I learned a lot. Can we learn anything new from this video, or is it what ASR already knows? Also, at 40min:10sec, Matt from Audioholics mentioned ASR and he posted a graph from Hypex NC400's review. :D Thoughts?
  4. sweetchaos

    Proposed Rating System

    Hi, I've discovered your website a few weeks ago and I love it. I was reading the "Audibility thresholds of amp and DAC measurements" and it was very informative and eye-opening. I'm still a beginner and don't understand the relative important of each measured metric, like others here. With...
  5. sweetchaos

    Geshelli new headphone amps were released.

    ARCHEL2 PRO $129.99 usd Review: and ARCHEL2.5 PRO $159.99 usd EDIT: I have no association with Geshelli...
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