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  1. RichB

    HT Processor Bass Management impact on SINAD

    As we have seen with ASR measurements, AVR/AVP's have a difficult time approaching the SINAD of relatively inexpensive desktop DACs and sometimes not even matching a dongle-DAC. These devices are clearly more complex and shielding and other design issues are present on some but, there may be a...
  2. RichB

    Will streaming return dynamic range to recordings?

    There was recent article by Steven Stone titled "How Streaming Killed The Loudness War": It is interesting and seems plausible with automated volume leveling normalization. Here the referenced video "The...
  3. RichB

    2-Channel DAC/Preamp with Roon

    I have Revel 126Be's to replace my M20 omni-mount'ed speakers in my game room. Here are the components: - HDFury Vertex2 HDMI video switching - TiVo Bolt+ - Apple TV 4K - Benchmark AHB2 - Oppo UDP-205 that really only gets used for Roon Everything is compact except the Oppo. I'd like to find...
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