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    Amir's Music Server Build Thread

    Should of course have said 'Computer Audiophile's CAPS systems'...
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    Need some advice on DIY bass traps and their placement

    What did you do in the end? When you consider the sound you will hear you have to divide up the frequencies into those above and those below the Transition (or Schroeder) frequency, usual around 250Hz but variable depending on the room size and shape. The biggest problems will undoubtedly be in...
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    Amir's Music Server Build Thread

    My current PC set up uses something built on the lines of Computer Audiophiles CASH systems, made by Quite PC in 2013. It uses the same Streacom casing as you use. At that time it seemed that noise filters on the hard drives (both SSD and HDD) were recommended...
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    CD Player failed.

    Whilst my speaker system is still Red Book CD orientated I have a headphone set up where I use a PC, having ripped all my CDs (I only have around 300 but it was a still a long tedious process. However if you do it right and keep a back up it is very unlikely I you will need to do it again). With...
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    Best Dac Amp for FPS Gaming with HD 800s

    I have HD800 for music listening only. One thing you should note is that it does not grip your head as tightly as some headphones so if in gaming you do a lot of head turning it may come loose. I therefore highly recommend trying them before buying. They are it should be said very...
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    Jriver stability

    I use JRiver, just as a music library, on Windows 8 playing offline and in seven years I've only had a couple of problems which may have been due to Windows, and that was in the earlier days.
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    Crazy? or Temperature, Humidity, and Speaker Sound Matter

    I don't think it is the speed of sound that is the important factor here but its attenuation (loss of energy/volume). Humidity is definitely a factor in hearing in general. If you have a railway or road in the distance, you can hear it more clearly on a humid day. I assume this is because sound...
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    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    I was told you are supposed to 'wear' them in your jean's back pocket to get that ring effect.
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    Basic Questions on Speaker Wires

    You can also buy flat cables that can go under carpet.
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    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    Yes, but... Yes In 2003 at the age of 50 I first got access to the internet. Until then I'd bought equipment with a modest budget based on magazine reviews and what was available locally, usually upgrading every ten years or so. The internet opened up a wider world of equipment availability...
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    Just bought UMIK-1.. eq/room correction options?

    I don't know anything about Macs. JRiver is a media library software with many facilities, including Parametric EQ (PEQ) filters, which is available in a Mac version. PEQ filters can be targeted exactly to the problems you have in your frequency response (FR). For example in your FR, the peak...
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    My first REW measurement - Harbeth P3esr

    I'm not sure the first graph you posted shows 'no smoothing'. I would expect the graph to become more jagged as you go higher up the frequencies. In your post 7, considering the asymmetrical nature of your room, both your speakers seem to have a very similar frequency response (FR). Are you...
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    T+A DAC 8 Balanced DAC Review

    In the UK we are a bit cruder. We had shops called 'C & A'.
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    T+A DAC 8 Balanced DAC Review

    This DAC does have a volume control - the two buttons on the right of the front panel. The German battleship Bismarck, instead of having a steering wheel for the helm, had button controls. Just thought I'd mention it. Nothing implied.
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    Are all CD players used as transports the same

    From the TEAC P/70 manual: The VRDS (Vibration-Free Rigid Disc-Clamping System) assembly.
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    Worth investing in Helmholtz resonator to fix deep nulls at 41 and 82Hz?

    Do you notice a problem when playing music? Nulls need to be not only less loud (lower dB) but also quite wide (centred on 41Hz but spreading to for example to 30Hz and 50Hz) for you to hear a problem. Very narrow nulls are unlikely to be noticed. The best way to see how wide and deep they are...
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    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    Do these pallets only move forward and backwards, or side ways too? If not sideways, each pair of speakers is at a different distance to the side wall (in post 245).
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    Room EQ & component upgrade

    You first really have to decide what it is exactly you want - a stand alone Hi-Fi system or a home theatre with music capabilities. Then you need to look at your sources - streaming, CDs etc.. Stand alone Hi-Fi is mostly stereo but you'll see on here that plenty have moved to multi channel (MC)...
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