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    Audio levels and testing Passive Volume Controls

    There seems to be incorrect procedure when measuring passive attenuators at ASR. In the recent review here : we see " It performed really well in passive mode, providing fully transparency...
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    Op amp supply Quiz - what sounds best ?

    A popular technique used in CD players is the provision of series resistance inward to the I/V stage op amps power supply connections , typical values are 47 ohms in marantz players and 100 ohms in pioneers as example. You would as example find a 100 ohm resistor connecting to Pin 4 and a 100...
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    Audio Software Manufacturing / Streaming Equipment Measurements ?

    Whilst we are familiar and thankful for audio hardware measurements, another piece of the puzzle might be solved by assessing software we use daily, for already containing departure from ideal. ? An examination of CD production equipment, and streaming equipment at their sources would IMO...
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