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    8K vs 4K for a large computer monitor?

    I just ordered the LG CX 48" display to use as a computer monitor. It's 4K and OLED with 120Hz and HDR, so it's pretty hot stuff. I love the black blacks and often view in a dim or dark room. Mainly it will be a work monitor. With it pushed back as far as possible, I will get a about 38"...
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    Goodbye, Tidal

    I did the cheap Tidal family trial for several months. It did not work out for us. My daughter never even used it. She just kept using Spotify, with all her playlists. My son tried it a bit, but he had Spotify lists already. He has a Discord bot that automatically streams the audio of music...
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    I'm building my man cave/theater. Where to put things?

    Where should I put my speakers, sub, screen, and seat? I have 2.1 and probably will do 5.1 or 7.1. Might get that Denon 3600 that reviews so well. It's a long, narrow room with one high wall and one low wall. All dimensions are interior and within an inch of true. The door is on one end and...
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    High Wall Mounting Near Ceiling

    I have the 708p sitting on stands right now, but they take up a lot of room and will fall over in a quake. I'd like to mount them on the wall, and I was thinking of mounting them up high to keep them well out of the way, angled downwards towards a seating position across the room. ~8 foot...
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    Where do I do my crossovers?

    I have the SHD Studio, which has a variety of crossover DSP capability, including a crossover for a sub. Then I have the JBL 708P which can do all sorts of DSP fun, including a crossover for a sub. Then I have the SVS PB16 which can do its own DSP crossover and such. Right now, I have the...
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    Rare books

    I just found a copy of Atomsk by Cordwainer Smith, aka Paul Linebarger. He's one of my absolute favorites, and one of the lesser known but great science fiction authors. I've wanted to read it for years, but all the copies were over $100. This one is part of some 4-books-in-1 series from the...
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    First album? First single? Medium?

    First album: Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses on cassette First single: The Dream Team is in the House! by The Dream Team on vinyl 12"
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    Intermittent fasting

    Been intermittent fasting for two weeks now. Lost maybe three or four real pounds, not water weight. My stomach feels way better. I did cheat and overeat late a day in the middle, and my stomach punished me for it. I eat first around noon then snack if I want and start eating my last meal around...
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    What's your media storage like?

    I'm super excited to be, for the first time, resilvering a hard driver in a RAID. That Seagate bit the dust after 7 years of spinning, so I bought a 3TB HGST SAS pull off ebay and stuck it into my 36-bay Supermicro server case. I wasn't sweating, though. It's a RAIDZ3, so two more drives...
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    SINAD Audio Files, Please!

    The genius @garbulky said we should get recorded files of various SINAD levels and then we can ABX them. So a song or three. A single tone. A multi-tone. Then people can listen on their home systems and see if they can tell the difference, ABX. So feed different models of DAC into an RME or...
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    What were you for Halloween?

    I was Ash Ketchum. Pokeball. Stuffed Pikachu. OG Ash hat. Well, a red hat (Ferrari, not MAGA) with the symbol taped to the front.
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    Native Language vs Hearing?

    Different languages have different phonemes and accents. Do these differences lead to varying sensitivity to sound frequency and other parts of sound? Like most if not all non-Chinese speakers, I'm mostly deaf to Chinese tones. I often cannot tell a non-English phoneme from similar English...
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    My old stereo for sale... Mcintosh speakers, Carver amp, Chase preamp - 94552

    Chase RLC-1 passive preamp with remote Carver a-500x power amp - everything works great, but no rack mounts McIntosh LS310 Speaker Pair - OK condition. Make an offer. Located in 94552.
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    SHD to bi-amp vs SHD Studio active speakers - which is best?

    I know I want Dirac room correction. It's easy and I am not going to treat my room. I know I'd like having a built-in streamer. That makes the SHD products the best choices, IMO. I don't want to hook up a PC. I do have a NAS on 24/7. I know I want 2.0 or 2.1, not surround. Too many...
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    Is Audio Science Review going about it all wrong? Or partly wrong? Or all right?

    I read the reviews. I look at the graphs. I see definite differences. Everything is confusing online. Forum posters disagree with each other. It's total chaos. Sometimes even measurements disagree. Then I go to the local audiophile-grade store and I listen to a bunch of different...
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