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    Yeah, I originally googled "Texas chemical plant explosion" to refresh my memory, and was presented with a variety of selections! One was from last year.
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    2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. What could go wrong? Reminds me of the
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    [Poll] How do you listen to music?

    I've been a night owl recently, but I'm limited to 'phones at night (Topping DX3Pro LDAC version and Senn HD350s), so recently it's been about 50/50 'phones/speakers. I love the sound of the Senns -- wish I could get that tone and clarity with speakers -- but I don't like wearing the 'phones.
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    Volumio & BruteFIR related discussion

    Could you expand on this last bit about the windowing? Is that overall max boost or individual max boost? I was just about to post asking about the use of gain via individual max boost. I did find some technical discussion on the web, but I don't really understand it. From...
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    How much do you loose with tinnitus

    My tinnitus started in my 40s. It could have just been age related, but I think using Etymotics may have had something to do with it (just be very careful with the max possible volume). The ringing gets worse when I'm tired. I can usually ignore it when listening to speakers, but with...
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    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    Aside from a detached home with a dedicated listening room, I would go on a speaker buying spree just to try a lot of different designs.
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    CD Player failed.

    Like a Topping E30. Unless the BD player has a USB out (do any?); then a D10 will work.
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    New Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 gigs ram

    You're selling it because you think it's underpowered? Underpowered for what task?
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    The consequences of including ultrasonics in audio systems

    Spectrogram of Transmission from the Pan Sonic album Cathodephase. It would be interesting to see what a hi-res version of something like this would look like.
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    The consequences of including ultrasonics in audio systems

    With the acoustic instrumental music I usually listen to, there's very, very little energy above 20 kHz, so even with amps and tweeters with extended bandwidth, I don't think it will cause any issues. Perhaps with electronica played very loud?
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    Audiophiles Rejoice: The Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem actually proves high-res audio is real and works

    It allows for a gentler anti-aliasing filter on the analog input, but I think digital downsampling and dither algorithms are good enough that 44.1kHz/16 bit is probably sufficient for the playback format.
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    Post your room modes correction PEQ settings

    I haven't yet, but I've done similar boosts without apparent audible problems. Also, I haven't compared with a lower "Individual Max Boost" (which won't fill in the dip at 70 Hz). To be honest, I'm still in the playing around phase, and it seemed cool to fill in that dip.
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    Post your room modes correction PEQ settings

    The headroom required numbers are 10.9 dB at 67.9 Hz 10.2 dB at 87.5 Hz
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    Post your room modes correction PEQ settings

    I've been experimenting with the MMM technique and the rePhase plugin in REW. Just showing the left response here: I chose a tilt of 0.8/octave based on someone's recommendation and then just eyeballed the target level to match the response above 1kHz. I used a max frequency of 600 Hz and...
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    Buchardt Audio S400 - My Review

    Yes, I posted my in-room response here:
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    Buchardt Audio S400 - My Review

    I never liked the sound without toe-in, so I always had them toed-in. I also tried the "radical" toe-in crossing over in front of the listening position.
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    About FLAC

    A quick command-line test of FLAC file integrity using the flac command itself is flac -wts *.flac You can use metaflac or sox to print metadata about FLAC files metaflac --list *.flac sox --i audio_file.flac If you know the files are from CD, you can use cuetools to check the files...
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    Preamp Recommendations?

    Cut out the middleman and get a DAC with a volume control.
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    Crazy? or Temperature, Humidity, and Speaker Sound Matter

    I wouldn't dismiss the effects of pressure, temperature and humidity, though I think the main effect of them on our hearing will be biological rather than sonic. There's also how much sleep you've had and various things ingested: alcohol, caffeine, sweets, dairy, NSAIDs, etc.
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    Are all CD players used as transports the same

    EAC will rip the vast majority of discs very quickly using the AccurateRip and CueTools checksums. Unless you are fussy about artwork and tagging like I am, then you just scan for the new files, and you are ready to play. You can then put the CD into storage. It's true that the occasional disc...
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