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    RME ADI-2 DAC vs. D90+A90 vs. Burson Conductor 3

    Which would you go with? The D90+A90 are of course separates, while the RME ADI-2 DAC and Burson Conductor 3 are combo Amp/DAC with pre-amp capability options. RME ADI-2 DAC - $1149 Topping D90 MQA - $799.99 and Topping A90 - $499.99 = $1299.98 Burson Conductor 3 - $1744 (Conductor 3X Reference...
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    Wearing my Mahomes jersey for second week in a row! The Chiefs go to the Superbowllll!!!

    Yippee! The Chiefs are looking great in the 4th Quarter, so excited! Sammy Watkins for President :) Holy Cow we are in!
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    Holy Hell, It's A Game!

    Unbelievable! After being down 24-0 in the 2nd Quarter, the Chiefs come back to lead 28-24 at the half! Go KC Chiefs! It's because I am wearing my Mahomes jersey no doubt.
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    Arrowhead Rocks as Chiefs win - Patriots Lose

    As a life long Chiefs fan, how exciting was this, the Patriots blew getting a bye week thanks to some FitzMagik. Meanwhile the Chiefs polished off the Chargers to get that second spot and a week's rest! Chiefs fans, players, and coaches were joyous as they nail the win and learn of Miami's...
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    What's your headphone system end game?

    Ron Texas started a general "What is your dream system?" thread. I thought I would start one specific to headphones, DAC, Amp, etc... So whats on your list?
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    ZMF AUTEUR - Should I Bite? Update: I chomped!

    I see so many glowing reviews / reports on these headphones, that I find myself actually considering spending the $1599.99. That's a lot bills though. Am I crazy to be thinking in that direction? Are there any Auteur owners here that can give some feedback? Are they worth it? I like my current...
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    Philips Fidelio X2HR worth getting at Black Friday price??

    I currently have the HE4XX and HD6XX. Right now the Philips Fidelio X2HR are on sale at a Black Friday price of $99.99. Do you think they would be worth purchasing?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Listening!

    Just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it, and a happy Thursday to those who do not. Be safe and enjoy that Holiday meal with your loved ones. I was watching football, but I am enjoying listening to music so much now, I have the audio playing tracks with the game muted :)
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    Windows 10 - Best Equalizer Software?

    I am used to using Asus Xonar Audio Center for any EQ tuning. In going to an external DAC and Amp, I would appreciate advice on the best software for equalization for windows that will will work with a USB fed external setup. I am aware of the PC Equalizer and Peace interface, but would like to...
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    Need to decide: JDS Atom/Topping D50s, Monoprice THX AAA Balanced THX AAA 887/SMSL SU-8 V2, TOPPING DX7 Pro

    I have recently gotten HD6XX and HE4XX headphones. Currently they are driven by a Essence STX soundcard. In wanting to move to an external DAC/Amp solution I am looking at the above three options. The Atom based unbalanced as a lower cost option and the Monoprice THX/ SMSL separates vs. the...
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