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  1. Blumlein 88

    Upper limit for DSD rate determined by physicists Well assuming 10 to the minus 33 seconds is the smallest quantum of time, then you can't sample DSD any faster.
  2. Blumlein 88

    Special list of manufacturer members

    What I am thinking is a easily accessible list of members who are manufacturer's or their representatives. Pretty often I see someone asking, "should this device work this way or how does this work is it normal?". And we have a member from the company that makes the device. Sometimes the...
  3. Blumlein 88

    Stirling Moss passes at age 90.
  4. Blumlein 88

    Do you know COBOL...opportunities await Wanted urgently: People who know a half century-old computer language so states can process unemployment claims I know COBOL. I hate COBOL. I've turned down jobs before that involve COBOL. That...
  5. Blumlein 88

    6G for when that 5G isn't a thing anymore

    5G isn't a thing really yet. I also think most of its big promises will never happen for general use. Only special areas and events. But don't worry they are already starting to simmer the hype for 6G. It will be like a 6th human sense, it will do so much I can hardly describe it all...
  6. Blumlein 88

    Youtube TV sound quality or lack thereof

    Was planning on switching to Youtube TV (not to be confused with regular youtube online videos). I started a free trial. Picture was very nice which was a good surprise for a streaming real time service. My first problem with the sound is no Dolby Digital Surround. Stereo only. That was a...
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    Expectation bias in the shoe industry

    Saw this over on Audiophile style. Very funny. Fake high end store sells footware for $250 to $400. People gush over the quality. Name of the store was Palessi. It was a stunt by Payless shoes. The footware sells at Payless stores for $19-$24. And yes they refunded the purchasers after it...
  8. Blumlein 88

    Improving flat panel speakers in blind test results Another for those with AES access to possible help discuss. Blind testing of preference for conventional vs flat panel speakers. Two non-commercial flat panels with panel damping were able to score close to conventional speakers in...
  9. Blumlein 88

    New paper on high resolution audio perception without music Be nice to learn more from those with AES access. The results are roughly summarized in this blog on Stereophile. Thanks to @Miska for pointing it out to me...
  10. Blumlein 88

    That time a US physicist lost the 6 page secret to building an H bomb John Wheeler lost 6 pages with the key secrets to building a workable hydrogen bomb during a train trip. I thought it was an interesting bit of high detail on an old event from the early 1950's.
  11. Blumlein 88

    White noise improves hearing According to this research. Paper is available here.
  12. Blumlein 88

    Mark Waldrep's HD audio challenge II If you haven't seen it, a group of 20 tracks originally recorded by Mark Waldrep in 96/24 available for download in various other formats for a test of whether higher resolution audio is audibly different. These are the full tracks not just samples. So...
  13. Blumlein 88

    Big tech tracks you while watching streaming TV...of course. I am not very surprised though I didn't know much about how prevalent it was. Maybe the most surprising is Netflix doing detailed tracking even of your devices in use when you...
  14. Blumlein 88

    WARNING: MacOS Catalina and audio devices If you use a Mac be aware the upcoming Catalina update will possibly cause issues for audio software and hardware. The linked article is mostly about pro recording gear. At least a few people here use an...
  15. Blumlein 88

    Can two software players sound different from each other and why?

    This is a thread I'm starting for @maty He can explain how he has determined that the answer to the question of software players sounding different is yes. We'll then discuss that topic. Okay Maty, give us a reply.
  16. Blumlein 88

    What would it mean to use Bayesian statistics in listening tests? I could point to others articles, but this one I happened to see today. I've long thought except at the very beginning of testing some area of knowledge that 5% significance (two sigma) leads to too many...
  17. Blumlein 88

    Is it possible to get 120 db dynamic range from recording to listening room?

    Can you record a performance, play it back in your home, and get 120 db of dynamic range in the playback? Let me start at the beginning, where the recorded performance takes place. I'll ignore electronic soundscape creations where obviously the answer is yes. I'll steal this from Amir's...
  18. Blumlein 88

    "Do digital audio players sound different playing 16/44.1 music?" - Listener Results. He has some results up with some interesting conclusions.
  19. Blumlein 88

    Chernobyl series on HBO

    First two episodes were very good. Not very comforting. The first hours after the accident are hard to believe, but matches other accounts I've read.
  20. Blumlein 88

    Jeff Bezos' space plans Hope you get a discount or some first in line benefit for having Prime. At the very least maybe they'll make some new Amazon series called O'neil cyldiners.
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