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    Centrance DACport HD or Spectra X?

    I am looking for a thumb size or fairly small dac/amp smaller than the nx4 dsd for my laptop use. I have a nx4 dsd but it is just too big for me and honestly I dont need that much power. All I plan to use the dac/amp with is with iems mainly my jh 13vs and campfire cascade both of which do not...
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    How on earth do I connect a AMP to a DAC

    So I just got the massdrop thx 789 amp which I am plan to connect to the SMSL SU-8 DAC for a balanced connection. However I am completely lost at how to connect it. So do I have to use a dual XLR female to dual RCA cable to connect it? By plugging the dual XLR female to the SMSL SU-8 then the...
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    Headphones like the audeze lcd2 but more lighter??

    So i just went to my local store and tried the audeze lcd2 and I really liked it. However the huge turn off for me was that it was really heavy. I usually use my headphones ALOT and after using the LCD2 for a few like 10-15 minutes my neck was starting to sore. Unless I start taking roids and...
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    Has anybody heard of this HPA-3U+ dac/amp?

    I have only seen one review of this and I just wanna know if I can use this with an external dac. Because from this 1 review alone and discussion on massdrop the amplifier is good however the dac is average. Because it's either I get this and a topping d50 or smsl su8 in the future together...
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