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    Microphone preamp measurements: How to get the signal level right

    Hello I'm still trying to measure microphone preamplifiers. Will the difference between an one-chip-based 100$ mixer mic input and a renowned, clean, 1000$/channel preamp be measurable ? What makes the difference ? I own a few microphone preamplifier channels. Actully, counting all, I have...
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    Do you know of any serious ABX switcher ?

    Hi Is anybody aware of any serious ABX box ? Ideally, computer-controlled, and being able to switch Balanced or unbalanced stereo sources. Switching a pair of amps to a single pair of speakers would be interesting too. (I'm not interested in switching more speakers, thanks) The only one I...
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    When Audiosciencereview starts to influence Pro world ?

    Hi Radial Engineering, worldwide known in Pro world for their DI boxes, is now publishing measurements. Given the logo on the graphs, that seems to be done with an Audio Precision device. I don't know when they started, but I didn't see that before. Some time ago, I measured one of their...
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    Virtins Muti-Instrument v3.9 is available for download

    The excellent Virtins Multi Instrument software has been updated to v3.9 Looks like the update was published on April 23rd 2020. MI is excellent because it's very powerful AND can be automated through .NET API. It's also quite cheap. MI 3.8 had a bug when using higher window size (only with...
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    What about the speaker support ?

    Hi I was just wondering: On the Klippel NFS bench, it seems that the speaker is standing on some sort of metallic pylon. But in real life, we don't use pylon at home. (I don't) So is there a way to guess or infer what will be the impact of the "real life" support ? (floorstanding, on stand or...
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    Users' review

    Hi We see more reviews/measurements performed by ASR users. If you don't publish on the main page (which I can understand) , couldn't we create a structure with, say, 2 other pages/menu items: One for AP based measurements (@WolfX-700 measurements or others), One for non-AP based ? First post...
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    For sale: RME ADI-2 Pro fs Black edition

    Hi I purchased 2 of those for measurements and one is now for sale. Works perfectly. Measurements provided. This is the black edition, which is more expensive. Purchased in 2019. Asked price 1200€. I'm in Belgium, so I prefer hand to hand or shipping within EU. I'll post pictures and...
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    User spec for a one-person-controlled blind test device

    Hi there A lot of discussions occur here about what we can hear as a difference and what we can't hear. I have my own experience with that. It's an important question, since measurements should be related to audibility. Ultimately, this is the only thing that matters. Often, we refer to ABX...
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    I've performed some Measurements on SPL Volume2 (Model 2602) volume control

    Hi I own a SPL Volume 2 and wanted to check how it measures. So I tried. SPL (Sound Performance Lab) is a German company, specialised in Pro audio electronics. They are not new comers in that market (they say they're in the business for 30 years). They offer analog preamps, channel strips...
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    FFT Size impact on Noise level in Virtins Multi Instrument 3.8 ? - FIXED in v3.9

    Hi I thought I'd create a new thread about this topic. I originaly posted my question here Detailed analysis will be in next post Here-under is the original question: Hi This "gain" is the level drop for noise in the display (or for the distortion analysis). But it's not impacting SNR or...
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    RME ADI-2 Pro fs - New firmware update

    Hi RME just posted a firmware upgrade for ADI-2 DAC and ADI-2 Pro fs For the later, they introduce the "M/S-Proc" functionality on the Analog input This allows averaging (on the left channel) the 2 Analog inputs in the digital domain.
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    What type of measurements are you interested in?

    We mainly have here - DAC in various form/size/price - Headphone amps - Power amps - a few ADCs - AVR - Phono preamps What I'd like (/love) to be able to measure (on top) are - Mic preamps (at SM58-like as well as U87-like level) - Microphones - DI boxes - Headphones - Loudspeakers (in room) -...
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    MiniDSP DDRC-22D DIRAC measurements

    Hi After all those talks about AVR and their poor performances, I measured my MiniDSP DDRC-22D Dirac for SINAD, just to check what impact the DSP and Dirac can be in that story. The MiniDSP DDRC-22D is stereo only. Note that Dirac Stereo forces the sampling frequency to 96kHz, so that's how I...
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