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  1. Frank Dernie

    Marantz AV7705 Home Theater Processor Review

    I used to take individual channel outputs of my Oppo 95, then 105 directly into a Parasound P7 preamp with active rear and centre channels to add to my stereo mains when wanted to play surround sound for films in my room. First, in all my urge for purity, the front channels went directly to my...
  2. Frank Dernie

    HiFi news vs Elipson test record comparison for measuring use

    I would like to remind LP enthusiasts that a cartridge, due to the way it works, produces inaccurate in amplitude and phase resonance related effects at low frequencies. The output starts to be an accurate transcription of the groove at about 2x the natural frequency of the effective mass of the...
  3. Frank Dernie

    Weird Cars Thread

    Further to this question earlier. Yes, the belt needs to be flat and the boundary layer on it made perfect before it gets to the car. All 4 wheels need to be rotating. The flow field around stationary wheels is quite different from that around rotating wheels, so measuring a car with the wheels...
  4. Frank Dernie

    Show us your Cars

    Looks like a N/A twin plug Porsche flat-6 engine. It is driving a cardan shaft at a fair bit of an angle for that design of UJ :oops: (There will be considerable torsional speed fluctuation). Looks like a dyno. The exhaust one can see in the foreground is odd and isn't connected, possibly for a...
  5. Frank Dernie

    Why Don't High SINAD Receivers Exist?

    Definitely. Room compensation is a boon to anybody not able to position their speakers optimally. For the first 30 or 40 years as an enthusiast speaker positioning was the only way to minimise the excitation of room modes, so I have been doing it for a long time. It really requires extensive...
  6. Frank Dernie

    Why Don't High SINAD Receivers Exist?

    That tends to be my procedure too. My room was set up many years before room compensation from the electronics was available. The speakers were carefully positioned so they did not excite the main room modes strongly, analogous to choosing where to pluck the string effects timbre, so whilst they...
  7. Frank Dernie

    Speaker Cabinet Design Considerations

    Everything about the whole company is so outdated it...
  8. Frank Dernie

    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    I have been a hifi enthusiast for just over 50 years. I am an engineer so I do tend to try to understand why and how things work. There are lots of things which are said to make a difference. Many of these have sound technical reasons why they do indeed make a difference but, disappointingly...
  9. Frank Dernie

    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    The business is always looking at ways to make more money from non technically minded enthusiasts. There are plenty of expensive accessories that do nothing being convincingly hawked and very profitable too
  10. Frank Dernie

    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    A linear power supply is definitely not superior to a switching unit as long as they are both properly engineered. Why would it be? There is nothing other than ill educated internet speculation that it would or could be. I looked into this after reading posters eulogising about the audible...
  11. Frank Dernie

    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    There are Several experts here. There is no mechanism by which a different power supply could improve the sound over the standard one so I f you believe you hear a difference by changing power supply to another with adequate performance you are imagining the difference - placebo effect. So...
  12. Frank Dernie

    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    If it pleases you to waste money in this way why are you asking questions of experts here?
  13. Frank Dernie

    If costs wouldn`t matter , what would you buy ?

    Beolab 90 in dark wood and whatever is needed to connect my sources, CD and LP. A full home theatre in the family room
  14. Frank Dernie

    The sound quality of DSD?

    LOL Probably because none of the recordings are wide frequency or dynamic range, so pointless except for more cash to be extracted from fans! I have a lot, perhaps most of his recordings and not one has particularly high quality, though some simply miked stuff is immediate. I love all of it, but...
  15. Frank Dernie

    GR Research X-LS Encore Kit Speaker Review

    I retired 10 years ago so am well out of date. When I first was aware of rapid prototyping, the predecessor of 3D printing, it was incredibly expensive, my first view of it was a prototype cylinder head casting design which was really interesting and despite being very expensive vfm in getting...
  16. Frank Dernie

    World’s largest nuclear fusion project

    A truly international project. Hope it stays that way.
  17. Frank Dernie

    Show us your Cars

    Serge was being witty, but IMO a real motorcycle weighs less than 450 lbs
  18. Frank Dernie

    Show us your Cars

    My Ferrari has a flat plane crank as do all Ferrari V8s afaik. Not sure Aston ever had a V8??? The originals are straight 6 and later some V12s as well.
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