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  1. Krunok

    Brutefir for Volumio now supports REW EQ filters

    If you prefer to use REW not only as a measurement tool but also as a tool for automatic/manual creation of EQ filters here is what you should do to use those filters with BruteFIR convolution engine for Volumio: 1. Create your filter in REW 2. Export the filter you created using "Export...
  2. Krunok

    Revel Performa 3 vs ML Electromotion ESL - comparative measurements

    I ran recently on the russian HiFi site where I found tests of these 2 speakers. As each of them is a kind of king of it's domain (monopole and dipole) it makes sense to imagine "battle of the titans" to see how they would fare versus each other. So, which speaker won this monopole vs...
  3. Krunok

    How to measure phase properly at home using REW?

    When trying to do room EQ measurements with REW you will find a lot of information on the Net. You have option to do RTA measurement with pink noise using moving microphone method. Another option is to make several sweeps at and around your LP and use "Average the response" feature under All SPL...
  4. Krunok

    Room EQ, do's and dont's

    I kindly ask members to share their knowledge and experiences with manual room EQ. I'm in no way expert with this, here's how I do it.. I design my filters with rePhase based on measurements done with REW with calibrated mic. In the 20Hz-600Hz region I make RTA measurements at the area around...
  5. Krunok

    Volumio & BruteFIR related discussion

    Please post in this thread everything related to Volumio and BruteFIR.
  6. Krunok

    Digital remasters - do they sound better or ..?

    What is your take, when we see a note on CD stating "digitally remastered" do we generally get a better a sound or not? :)
  7. Krunok

    Speakers distortion

    I believe it is safe to say that THD and IMD are no longer an issue with well designed DACs and amps. Thank God these days you no longer need to sell your kidney to buy such products as was the situation before. But how it is with speakers? How does THD and IMD of modern speakers, say Revel...
  8. Krunok

    Room EQ - do we need it?

    This poll is about your opinion on room EQ: do we need it or not, does it work or not?
  9. Krunok

    How to make room EQ with Volumio

    Current Volumio users may find this news exciting as recently BruteFIR convolution engine has been ported to Volumio platform. At the very beginning I must stress a fact that although BruteFIR is available at all Volumio platforms I do NOT recccomend using it with Raspberry PI (including newest...
  10. Krunok

    Linn Kinsky still supported?

    Does anybody hear know if Linn Kinsky is still supported meaning that bugs can be reported in hope they will be corrected some day?
  11. Krunok

    Tidal lossless vs lossy test done the right way

    Can you hear it? :P
  12. Krunok

    Why or why not use balanced connections

    AES3 and SPDIF share the same low level serial protocol, but while SPDIF was designed for consumer market AES3 was meant to be used in professional envrionment. SPDIF covers max distance of 10m and is thus much cheaper than AES3, which covers max distance of 100m to 1000m, depending on the...
  13. Krunok

    How to make Topping D10 act as a preamp

    Seeing how well D10 performed on @amirm measurements, especially considering its very modest pricing, probably the same idea crossed minds of many of us: if only this little hero has volume control so it can be hooked directly to the amplifier! It would be even better if the volume could be...
  14. Krunok

    Loudness compression, loudness wars.. What exactly it is and why is it happening?

    It would be very nice if someone of you takes a little time and explain this loudness thing to the rest of us that don't really know what it refers to. :)
  15. Krunok

    My review of Topping D10

    Today I received my D10. On this lousy pic you can see it attached to the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. As you can see it is still "work in progress" as I'm still waiting for the case to arrive. :) But ok, as everything is fully functional I decided to make a short write up to describe my impressions so...
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