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  1. soundwave76

    Which USB/DAC with AES output for active loudspeakers?

    No, AES-AES cable. Matrix has AES out. If you plan to use devices with digital coax out, like brilliant and cheap Topping D10, then coax-AES cable should work with small cable lengths.
  2. soundwave76

    Which USB/DAC with AES output for active loudspeakers?

    Digital coax output is also fine - at least when connecting into digital Genelec SAM speakers. I use Bluesound Node 2i with a simple ohm converter in one setup and Matrix X-SPDIF in another.
  3. soundwave76

    Genelec 8030C with Dirac Vs 8330A with GLM

    I haven't tried Dirac with my Genelecs, but the GLM works like a charm in calibrating the entire system at once. I have 8331+7350 and 8340. If you want to tinker and tweak, then maybe consider the Dirac setup. Otherwise I recommend the GLM setup.
  4. soundwave76

    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    Anybody considering these should seriously pay a few hundred more and get the 8330 bundle with the GLM room correction. It’s that good! 1799€ for example here:
  5. soundwave76

    Genelec 8320 REW measurements with and without GLM

    Good stuff! Those new Genelec speaker stands are awesome. I also use them with 8331. Sub will definetly improve your system sound A LOT. I have the smallest Genelec SAM sub (was it 7350) in my smallish home office room and it works great.
  6. soundwave76

    Genelec Home Series (G speakers and F subwoofers)

    I had this DSpeaker with my 8040s in a living room TV setup. Worked very well. I upgraded to 8340 and sold the DSpeaker. The 8340 does sound better compared to 8040 + DSpeaker. These are available used every once in a while in the Finnish hifi forum. Seems to be one available as we speak...
  7. soundwave76

    Genelec Home Series (G speakers and F subwoofers)

    G-series are proper Genelecs and a good choice. SAM room correction is awesome though and I would recommend for example DSpeaker Antimode Dual-Core to go with the Genelec G-series.
  8. soundwave76

    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    I had that. It was/is gorgeous and I still miss it...
  9. soundwave76

    Genelec and AES67/Ravenna

    I would love to see this go forward - and fast :)
  10. soundwave76

    Anyone else just not bothered by home theatre?

    I don't care about home theaters. I do want a good sound of my TV and I am perfectly happy with my pair of Genelec 8340. I do need to buy a bigger TV though, but then I need to get smaller Genelecs or a soundbar which both don't appeal... :)
  11. soundwave76

    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    ^^^ Thomann sells all sorts of table mounts and also tall light standing mounts, that might work ok behind the table
  12. soundwave76

    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    Definetly try EQ! Check Rtings and Oratory Reddit thread for 650 measurements and then apply EQ accordingly. Practical tips can be found here on this forum if you search for a thread about Stax L300 Limited headphones.
  13. soundwave76

    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    Your desk looks wider, and the keyboard much more noisy. ;) I havent had any problems with the 7350. Do you have one as well?
  14. soundwave76

    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    Here's mine. Genelec 8331 + 7350 sub, RME ADI-2 DAC, Stax L300 Limited with 252S amp and Sennheiser HD58X. Endgame setup, though the Stax amp could be better, but I haven't found a small good desktop model yet...
  15. soundwave76

    Genelec 8341A SAM™ Studio Monitor Review

    ^ same here - never gone above -40db with my 8331. Loud as hell!
  16. soundwave76

    Genelec 83x0 vs 83x1

    For me, yes. Two reasons: 1. I use these in a ultra near field setup and the benefits to 8330 are clear to me, though not huge 2. These took away the 'upgrade itch' and gave me a piece of mind. Huge plus! :) As noted earlier, these sound very easy and transparent and I don't think about them...
  17. soundwave76

    Genelec 8341A SAM™ Studio Monitor Review

    Personally I would use 8330s for surround and use the saved money to MAX the fronts monitors and/or consider subs.
  18. soundwave76

    The kit we bought, our current setups

    8340 and 8331+7350. I have had most of the older models up to 8x4x size. Happy to help if you want, just pm me.
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