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  1. M00ndancer

    Cheap DAC/AMP with analogue inputs and low impedance headphone jack?

    Hi, Today I have a HAD-1 DAC/AMP and I don't like the high impedance headphone output with no gain switch. Making it hard to use low impedance gear. That's the only "bad" thing about the HAD-1 (except mediocre specs, but that doesn't bother me) Are there any "cheap" DAC/preamp/headphoneamp like...
  2. M00ndancer

    Swissonic HAD-1 DAC/AMP subjective test and a look inside

    Hi! First post here... This is a combination of the posts I made on r/headphone, the response was "cute", "nice looking" but no real feedback. I've been lurking for a while and thought I could contribute to the low-end amp/dac discussion. As I live in Sweden we have a lot of taxes and fees to...
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