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  1. Wombat

    The Internet Never Forgets

    Well, almost mostly.
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    The Science Of The Messy Home Many years ago our office manager went on a tidy desk campaign because most of the engineers used the 'any horizontal surface' system of filing. Coincidentally, I was reading a New Scientist article...
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    Posting Homework

    So often a question or opinion is posted and the underlying relevant explanatory information is readily accessible on the WWW. So, here is a thread for helping members look for relevant information prior to posting. Starter...
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    First Brabham BT62 Delivered
  5. Wombat

    Wild horse rescue from bog.
  6. Wombat

    Rane Notes

    Are gone from the Rane website. They are available here: and here:
  7. Wombat

    RIP Florian Schneider - Kraftwerk Co-founder.
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  9. Wombat

    Thread Shutdowns

    Amir, you posted a question in this thread and then shut it down against replies: Here is my reply(not Tesla related). Maybe it is time for you to ponder whether ASR is a discussion forum or a test...
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    Mind-benders and Puzzles

    To while away lock-down or otherwise with:$s?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE= More links at the bottom of page.
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    Let It Be(The Get Back Movie)

    This one(inexpensive, Ebay): Picture quality is suss but the audio is fine as is the documentary. A new and improved version is coming:
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    RIP Ronan O'Rahilly - Radio Caroline and Other Music Ventures
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    Fake Sign-up Pages - Netflix, Disney.
  14. Wombat

    Einstein's Dancing Star
  15. Wombat

    The Laff Box
  16. Wombat

    TP Usage - Analysis Of Wad vs Fold
  17. Wombat

    The Rise Of The Xenobot - Spooky Science
  18. Wombat

    Ebay - Conavirus Price Gouging Normally sells for $AU 5 to 6 per litre.
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    DIY Disinfectants.

    Preparation and use. A more available source of ethanol in Australia and New Zealand is in Methylated Spirits that does not have methanol added as a component. The Diggers Brand of methylated spirits MSDS for both countries shows ethanol(95%) and demineralised water(5%) as the ingredients. It...
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    Aussie Racecar Engineers Create A Medical Ventilator Prototype
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