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    WTB: Rythmik Audio Subwoofer

    Anyone having a small Rythmik Audio subwoofer for sale? I am interested in buying one. (Shipping to Sweden would be necessary)
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    BSS BLU dacs any good?

    Anyone that has tested the performance of the analog output of BSS BLU products? Are they good enough, i.e without hearable distortions (transparent)? I have myself a BSS BLU-BOB2 dac, with functionality that fits perfectly in my system. But I am not confident that it is transparent. The same...
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    My way (DIY JBL)

    I've lived a life that's full. I've traveled each and every highway. And more, much more than this. I did it my way. As Sinatra sings. But more specifically, I did it as a 3.5 way! My speakers are DIY (based on JBL 4365 Studio Monitor parts). A carpenter built the cabinetts for me. I...
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