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    Objective music review-a draft

    In another thread I said something about classical music reviews needing to be more objective. Another user wondered what something like this would look like, so I have put together a little draft. This is not really fleshed out, more notes and ideas really. The recording in question is Manfred...
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    Cleaning up my mess

    Roughly 3 years ago I put together three amp kits from I used these to run my 3 way active system. Initially, I screwed everything to a nice sheet of aluminum, and ran all 3 amps with one power cord, and one receptacle. This made for a rats nest of wires. See below: To...
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    Slap echo

    Before I begin the process of building a couple of subs, I would really like to sort out the slap echo that exists in my room. Can this be tackled easily with more absorption? Or is there another way to tackle this? Right now I have 8 GIK Soffit bass traps, 4 of them have bass limiters on them...
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