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  1. Wayne

    Looking for a portable (or semi portable) stereo with music memory

    I am looking for a portable (boom box) or a small stereo that has built in speakers that can easily be carried. The unit should have pretty good fidelity. The big feature is that the device must be capable of reading/downloading the music from a thumb drive, or have a self contained memory. Does...
  2. Wayne

    An inside look at a $2,200 pair of custom headphones

    Short article from Popular Science "Normal earbuds have just one, sometimes two speakers on each side. But those micromachines must handle a wide range of sounds, from Mariah Carey’s high register to Barry White’s silky bass, so they struggle to faithfully reproduce all the right acoustic...
  3. Wayne

    USB Audio Interface

    I am confused (nothing new) as to what this device is used for (brand name is irrelevant): L.K.S Audio USB-100 USB Audio Interface. Is it only used for recording to a computer via USB or can it be used for taking music from a computer to an amplifier? Thanks
  4. Wayne

    Corrective headphones for your ears (like corrective lenses for the eyes)? Others apparently have similar products: Although none of the major players in the personal audio industry has taken this approach to individualizing headphone sound, Even does face some competition from another...
  5. Wayne

    40 Hz and Football related traumatic brain injuries

    Just an article that has probably no nexus to audio science, that describes how "Traumatic brain injuries could be caused by low-frequency [40 Hz] vibrations" Physics World...
  6. Wayne

    The Biggest Failures in Consumer Audio/Video Electronics History

    Interesting read - I had not heard of some of the inventions (not that it means much)! Enjoy....
  7. Wayne

    BOB CARVER at LAOCAS Meeting

    From: Bob Levi Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Subject: The LA&OC Audio Society and Weinhart Design Present the LEGEND AND ICON of Great Audio in Person! October 15! Dear Friends, GUESS WHO IS COMING TO DINNER! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! THE BIGGEST! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2-5pm! WEINHART DESIGN IN BEL...
  8. Wayne

    $1.1 Billion for Bad Sound?

    U.S. Bank Stadium Officials Addressing Sound Concerns For Concerts The 73,000-capacity U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN has been a hit with fans of the Minnesota Vikings football team, but it hasn’t fared as well with concertgoers. Having...
  9. Wayne

    Placement of RFI filters in a linear power supply for HiFi audio

    In designing a linear power supply for a HiFi component is it desirable to place RFI filters before the transformer or downstream from the transformer, say after the bridge rectifier? Would the transformer pass sufficient RF from the house power (mains) that the filters should be both before...
  10. Wayne

    Test by a Newby

    Just getting the hang of this forum.:)
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