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    Desolder USB type-C jack and solder a Type-B instead on my Khadas tone board

    Double check this on the khadas forum before taking my word for it, but I think you can use pins 2-5 on the VIM header connected to a Type B socket as an alternate USB input.
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    USB audio interfaces interest

    That's rather off topic, so I'd suggest starting a new thread if you want a serious answer. In short: possibly, depending on requirements.
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    No love for IcePower?

    TI's LC Filter Design doc applies to the majority of their class D range, and shows the Q variation with load. See Figure 5 in the TPA3220EVM User Guide for the HF response variation with load, ~3dB variation between 2R and 8R at 20kHz. most of their datasheets show at least a couple of THD+N...
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    Amplifier basics - point-to-point vs PCB vs surface-mount PCB. Plus Kit building

    Here's some tag strip for those not familiar with it:
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    Amplifier basics - point-to-point vs PCB vs surface-mount PCB. Plus Kit building

    I'm not an expert, but I've done a few repairs over the years as a hobby, including a relatively recent class d guitar amp. The issue is often more economic than technical - for all but the most trivial faults or expensive boards it is more cost effective to find and replace the board containing...
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    Yes, timing resolution is discussed in some detail in that thread.
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    Building A Reactive Load for Amplifier Testing

    The equations used to model electrical, mechanical and acoustic systems are in fact the same, but with different names and units. The voltage in the electrical system is equivalent to mechanical force and acoustic pressure. Inductance is equivalent to mass, capacitance to compliance and so on...
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    USB audio interfaces interest

    Given the periodic queries about interfaces for recording or measurement it would be good to have measurements for the ADC as well as the DAC part. I'd like to see one with more outputs for active crossover use too.
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    A Free Open Source Multi-source Streaming: Icecast

    According to their FAQ flac is supported now.
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    I'll re-read and hope to understand more fully this time...
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    By 'real world' I don't mean what's on the spec sheet. I was reading a paper that criticised standard CMRR measurement procedure for audio devices for giving high numbers that were often unattainable when connected to actual upstream sources because the impedance mismatch in the upstream sources...
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    Topping MX3 or NAD D 3020?

    Which version of D3020? The original used hypex amps, most likely the UcD32OEM which is by far their worst measuring one. The datasheet puts it in the same ballpark as the MX3 review here. I think the v2 used different amps.
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    Are these CMRR figures achieved with real world sources where components are rearely better than 0.1% tolerance in the output?
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    New Cassette Machines?

    I suspect that the mechanisms and heads being produced today won't be as good as the ones produced around the end of tape's life as a mainstream medium, and that you'll get better value that way as used ones seem pretty cheap. Try comparing the specs of the Tascam you linked to the KX-580 specs...
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    New Cassette Machines?

    I'd look at a good used deck rather than new ones. Something like the Yamaha KX-580
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    FX-Audio D2160 Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth – Review

    Page 17 shows use of USB to connect to devices with USB-DAC output such as the ST-G30. The SL-G700 has the necessary USB socket, but it's not clear whether you can connect a DAC to it, or just a USB drive with audio files. I couldn't see a download link for the SL-G700 manual.
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    Motu 8A Measurements

    There's a long thread at LinuxMusicians that's primarily about the Ultralite AVB, but the problems appear to be common to the whole AVB range as other models get a mention from time to time. My reading of it is that unfortunately it's still a bit of a lottery, but you might be lucky. The windows...
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    Hypex NC1200: Quality of the implementations

    Thanks for that, very informative. It appears to include the same graphs @maty posted (thanks for those too.) It still seems to me that the shielding thickness needs to be calculated on a case by case basis though - how much attenuation is needed at what frequencies to achieve target emissions...
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    Hypex NC1200: Quality of the implementations

    I'm another non-expert who'd like to know the source of, and theory behind, the 4mm aluminium claim, as it contradicts my understanding from what I've read on electrostatic, magnetic and RF shielding so far. I've not found any references that thickness beyond a foil is needed for RF or...
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    Review of NanoPi NEO2: World's Smallest Audio Streamer

    You've asked for something that so far as we know doesn't exist. We've tried to help by giving you a number of options that come close to the requirements you've mentioned to that point, but aren't quite there. If no compromise is acceptable that's fine, but I'm out of things to suggest.
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