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    Construction of metal boxes

    A few weeks ago, I published a long thread on a Spanish forum about some of the work I did some time ago, as a distraction to make the quarantine more bearable. I have decided to post it here if you like. I suppose someone will be distracted for a while, if only by looking at the photos. There...
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    Entertainment with the Topping D90.

    I hope Topping is not offended by this modification :) I am very satisfied with the very good sound and finishes of this DAC and its quality / price ratio, that's why I bought it. Good finishes and internal machining. I liked seeing the solid aluminum keypad and the front glass and not plastic...
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    Hello all from Spain

    As I say, greetings to everyone in my first message in the forum. I´m from Spain. Listening to music is my biggest hobby. There are very interesting sections in the forum and I would like to read them. Thank you very much for welcoming me and forgiving me for my English.
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