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  1. TimW

    Take a Look at this Impedance and Phase Measurement

    What do you think? Easy or difficult to power? Does the phase response look reasonable? Can you guess what speakers these are? I'm posting this and asking these questions because I don't really understand how to interpret these kinds of graphs. I have a basic understanding of impedance, this...
  2. TimW

    Got a Free Project Enclosure! What to Build in it?

    I just got this very interesting custom made enclosure. The maker intended it to be a preamplifier using a Nelson Pass design but never got around to building that. What he did end up putting in it was a miniDSP along with the simple power supply that is still in the enclosure. The front...
  3. TimW

    Measuring Time Delay

    Sorry if this has been covered in a tutorial already but I have not been able to find much information on it. I'm trying to integrate a subwoofer into a 2.1 system. I can apply delay to the main speakers to compensate for the delay of the subwoofer caused by DSP and added distance. To find the...
  4. TimW

    DIY Acoustic Panels

    This guy has some pretty great ideas. Here is a video he just posted showing how to make affordable acoustic panels. I recently purchased some used GIK Acoustics 242 24" x 48" panels for $25.60 each. That was a good deal but I had been searching for used panels for quite a while and hadn't...
  5. TimW

    Designing a 3D Printable Case for the Khadas Tone Board

    First off I would like to say I was very impressed with the performance of the Khadas Tone Board in Amir's measurements. As far as price to performance goes we seem to have found a real winner. The only problem is that the Tone Board is just that, a board. To address this issue I began creating...
  6. TimW

    Making a Case/Enclosure for the Khadas Tone Board

    This guide will show you how to make a case for the Khadas Tone Board. Actually you don’t need to make a case, you just need to buy a premade case and cut some openings in it so the board can breathe. This guide should provide you with a complete parts list and instructions for how to make this...
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