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  1. ta240

    grills on or off

    Do you prefer the grills on or off on your speakers? For sound or appearance reasons? Do speaker designers typically design for grills or no grills?
  2. ta240

    buying regular household things online

    Has anyone had much luck with regular online shopping for things for around the house? I tried shopping for a few things last night that were nothing to do with toilet paper, hand sanitizer or cleaning and had very little luck. I needed sinus medicine and Amazon showed it in stock and had...
  3. ta240

    DIY while stuck at home

    With all the places closing and shelter-in-place orders going around I figure that protecting ones sanity by staying busy while stuck at home for weeks seems like a good idea. So with that in mind what sort of DIY projects would be good? I'm looking for something more advanced than just...
  4. ta240

    run REW on different amps that measure similiar

    I know it is an ongoing argument that 'testing doesn't reveal everything about an amp' but I'm curious if anyone has ever run REW on several different amps that measure very similar. I've done it with quite different amps and got results that overlapped in some areas and in other areas were...
  5. ta240

    I may just be old and cranky but...

    I really find it creepy when stores link my contact information from an online order to in store purchases with the same credit card. The emails wanting me to rate an in-store purchase when I don't use any sort of rewards card bug me. I know they track everything but maybe try not to rub it...
  6. ta240

    just what is 'overpriced'?

    The next time you think a piece of equipment is grossly overpriced remember the $120,000 banana:
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