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    Bose 901 Spinorama?

    I always thought the 501, 701, and even 301 sounded much better. The 10.2 were actually pretty good also. Then they went down the smaller is better with their acoustmass and ruined it all.
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    Bose 901 Spinorama?

    My entry to hifi was a pair of interaudio towers, which were very similar to the later omnivector 4. The first pair of speakers I bought were omnivector 1s from Best. $160. They got me through high school and the beginning of college...
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    AudioQuest Victoria Audio Cable with DBS Review

    Why, when he can do it with much more expensive Audioquest products and make even more:
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    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    My amp also has a turn off thump. I assumed it was normal, as I have had other amps in the past that do the same thing.
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    Desktop amplifier
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    But could you afford it? The 535 which uses an inexpensive $400 Pascal module is $5,900. They would probably charge $10,000 for a Purifi. You could always buy and older model, gut it out and put the purfi modules in and have the best of both worlds.
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    HypeX/PuriFi amplifier products available in the USA?

    I asked VTV and he said Purifi is saying December. They are delayed because of something called Covid.
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    Your wish has already been granted. According to the emails I had with them a purifi version will be available shortly.
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    To me this is a perfectly valid reason. It is amazing the justifications that people will go through in a purchase rather than just be honest that they like the way something looks and will spend extra for the aesthetics. I love power meters on an amp and would spend extra for them.
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    Some people prefer amps that use a tube design with solid state for no good reason. Others can’t live without the prestige factor. Yet others don’t realize that McIntosh also makes Class D amps using hypex modules. Some prefer to pay 2 to 3 times more for mystique and power meters.
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    Mark Waldrep's listening tests

    I would gladly trade all of my redbook and hi rez for 320mp3 or Apple AAC well mixed and produced.
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    Kef R3 an Upgrade from Revel F36?

    My two cents, your love the Revel F36, which are great speakers, move up the line if you want to upgrade, F208. Looking at your system as a whole, your best bang for the buck upgrade may be adding a second SB2000. Your room is pretty large and a second will give you cleaner output at high...
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    HypeX/PuriFi amplifier products available in the USA?

    Ahh. Thanks.
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    HypeX/PuriFi amplifier products available in the USA?

    Will they work for a stereo NC1200? Upcoming EVAL2? Curious minds want to know.
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    A Message from a "Bass Head"

    A true basshead is the idiot that drives by my house on the freeway twice a day. I can hear him for a full minute. He must be pushing 140db+ at 50-80 hz and be deaf as a stone. I kid you not, at the point he goes by, my house rattles like I am doing a measuring sweep at 90 db with my rythmik...
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    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Stereophile has measured them. While not as complete as Amir’s measurements, they are pretty good. The big issue I see with them is they are low sensitivity combined with low power handling, which restricts dynamic performance. Not much of an issue in the nearfield for mixing and monitoring...
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    My REW measurement

    I think there are stages when owning a UMIK, like the stages of grief: 1) The utter horror as you realize, yes my room has 20db variances in the bass range. 2) The wondering how you ever could listen to such an inaccurate system without realizing it. 3) Wondering what some of those really...
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    Harbeth 30.2 vs kef R3

    Using an equalizer to adjust the sound can be problematic. In farfield listening (what most is), the majority of sound is from reflected sounds. The frequency response at the listening position is a combination of the direct sound and reflected. If you have a speaker that has wide dispersion...
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    Revel M16 vs. Focal Chora 806 for small room?

    Responding to the above: 1) Generally, clipping is considered to occur at 1% distortion and the most commonly used measurement for maximum output of an amplifier. Amir measures the maximum output of an amplifier at the knee where distortion stops decreasing and starts to climb rapidly...
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    Harbeth 30.2 vs kef R3

    The idea of a driver being "fast" or "slow" is a misnomer. When a driver is asked to produce a frequency, say 100hz, it is asked to move in and out 100 times in a second. If it moves in and out 90 times a second, it is producing a frequency of 90 hz. It it simply doesn't occur. There are two...
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