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  1. JustPoo

    High-end electronics vs high-end audio

    I'm gonna have a bit of an off the cuff ramble here, so bear with me. It's cheaper than a therapist. If I want to buy a bleeding edge TV/display, I'll pay the early adopter tax and shell out maybe five times what I would for a great TV/display. I'm using five as an arbitrary multiplier but you...
  2. JustPoo

    Buying super cheap W10 laptop - advice needed!

    I don't run Windows at home any more, but it's becoming too inconvenient not to have a Windows laptop handy when it comes to some things. Like firmware updates. When I say cheap I really mean cheap - it's probably gonna be used a handful of times a year for updating stuff, various odds and sods...
  3. JustPoo

    Chromecast Audio causing audible WiFi interference. CCA woe :(

    The wireless signal of my Chromecast Audio seems to be picked up by my ADI-2 DAC and THX 789, then output into sensitive IEM's from the RME IEM output and all of the 789 outputs. Or the IEM's cable is acting as an antenna. Or both. Or neither. It's a faint ticking sound that lasts for 5-10s...
  4. JustPoo

    Hey, it's just me, Poo :)

    I thought a quick hello was the least I could after reading ASR for quite a while. I'm 90% a headphone user now so that's where most of my attention goes, but I've had an interest in hi-fi for most of my life. I run modest and ageing two channel and home theatre setups - they're due for an...
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