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    JBL 705P Studio Monitor Review

    The very last contenders for current studio monitor reviews: 1) ATC SCM20ASL Pro 2) Focal Trio 11 3) Dynaudio Core 59 4) PSI A14/17/23 5) PMC Result 6 / twotwo5 6) Quested V3110 7) Barefoot anything...
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    No...break in does help....your ears....
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    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    But looking at the current tested speakers. Genelec 8341A is the high-end compact three ways. If we look at high-end bookshelf monitor speaker category, I have a few candidates: 1) ATC SCM20ASL Pro 2) PSI 14/17/21/23/25M 3) Neumann KH80DSP, KH310 4) PMC Loudspeakers IB1S-AIII 5) Kii Three 6)...
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    SounDigital SD 600.1D Nano Car Amplifier

    I was waiting for that for more than 40 years. Eventually, I accept the fact that money is smarter than me (in most cases except for snake oil)
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    SounDigital SD 600.1D Nano Car Amplifier

    I appreciate Amirm's work. However, this is not eye opening as it was expected. I would say we should look at something else that has better hope to deliver good results. Our life is kind too short to waste on such crap.
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    Elac Adante AS-61 Speaker Review

    The design is quite elegant with a lot of thoughts. Now, I think we should put ATC SCM20ASL Pro (I own a pair) for testing to see if these stand for the price.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    More expensive speakers please....or maybe more snake oil. I really want to know if those 10k USD power filter is going to help.
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    KIMBER KABLE: Do High-end USB Cables Make A Difference?

    I use really Hi-End cable in all my systems: Gotham and Sommer cables, yes, they are Hi-End and already on my up-limitation of budget.
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    Monolith THX Headphone AMP/DAC vs Monolith THX 887 vs RME ADI-2 dac

    Interesting thread. Maybe the answer hide in (Headphone Impedance vs Frequencies) plus how does amp handle different impedance. Otherwise, I would say Monolith are technically perfect.
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    Selah Audio RC3R 3-way Speaker Review

    I started to worry my 25 years old ATC SCM35...
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    POLL: Should Amir purchase additional software add-ons for Klippel NFS?

    I believe we should have as much as possible metric *if someone can help to explain what they are*
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    Nobsound 3-IN-1-OUT XLR Audio Switch Review

    After that, you can add two more zeros after the current price as the weight made it hi-end qualified.
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    Nobsound 3-IN-1-OUT XLR Audio Switch Review

    Unless those devices can be matched precisely in music volume as the device is just a switcher with no attenuation control.
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    Nobsound 3-IN-1-OUT XLR Audio Switch Review

    I can afford this box....but maybe not for the three sources and additional 3 pairs of XLR... Good review!
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    And now a $2500 Battery

    I do not think there should have any "respected" company in HiFi domain. They are all tiny companies and out of the sight of public. Looking at nagra's stock, not impressive. If selling those 1.5K metal plate can give them more quick money, why not?
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    And now a $2500 Battery

    I do not want to go further, I just feel I am so poor to speak the same language there. LoL
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    And now a $2500 Battery

    Hey people in the US, is there anyone use this? Handmade in USA, Brimar Audio, Eagle Eyes Nano Material (WTF).....
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    And now a $2500 Battery

    You did not mis-count anything. 30000USD is very cheap, If you use that one you are not on hi-end.
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    And now a $2500 Battery

    I am not surprised. As one who can read mandarin, you can find those are selling CRAZY in china, you cannot imagine how "rich" they are and how many posts to promo those products: 1) Fuses: price from 100USD to 400USD, they claim those introduce day and night change and only expensive one...
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    Review and Measurements of Matrix Audio Element X DAC/Streamer/Amp

    All modern DACs are quite transparent at least according to ASR. So it would be hard to justify on moving to the other DAC if you like the current one. I felt you made a good choice. Sometime, I felt so eager to get something and cannot wait anymore. I got it and my brain made me feel happy...
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