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    Balanced vs unbalanced

    I know a bit of this but not very sure so for the benefits of the newbies can anyone answer me these: 1) Is it true balanced is the "gold standard" if so why are there still unbalanced? 2) Balanced gives higher output and lower noise floor, again why are unbalanced still around? and 3) some...
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    Can this works? 3.5mm to 2.5mm

    Hi, not very tech savvy so just need to seek your knowledge on this: Can I use a 3,5mm to 2,5mm adapter so I can use a 3.5mm cable to connect to balance out? thanks for sharing...….
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    I wonder... how and when people use their DAP or portable Dac/Amp.......

    Posing this to gain insight over how everyone is using either a dedicated DAP or a combination of mobile with portable Dc/Amp strap-on. Been having a couple of DAP over the years but non last long as I find it's too cumbersome to carry another device when your mobile phone does the same thing...
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    Dragonfly (red/black) Vs Meizu/Hidizs Sonata Hd etc

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Currently making use of a Hidizs Sonata HD to my Oneplus 6 phone and was contemplating upgrading to a better dac/amp like Dragonfly (red or black) or any others but unsure whether is it a worthy upgrade. Sonata HD is around $30 and Dragonfly red is 10 times the price...
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