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    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    The more I read about this marvel, the more I want one. I hate you people!
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    Looking for an upgrade from ATH M50X

    HifiMan HE400 i around #200 or my favorite headphones the HifiMan HE560... It is being replaced by the Ananda, I think, so you can find it new at < $300. IMHO nothing else screams BARGAIN as loudly... :)
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    Steve Guttenberg says this R2R DAC sounds like Vinyl

    Let me try, please. Here is my article with all the corrections: B.S.
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

    This scores high in the BS scale. Scores around 9.5 on a 1 to 10 scale. Wow!
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    MiniDSP SHD Dirac Live Rivals

    Same here. Word for word.
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    Audiophool turned objectivist

    Inquiring mind wants to know: fact or fiction?
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    Suggestions? I need help...

    Hi I have an HT built around the LSR 308 (L,C,R) and LSR305 (Surround L and Right). I am using a Denon AVR-X3400-XH as Pre/Pro. I don't use the amplifers in the Denon. Previously I had an Integra DHC 80.3 .. Great piece of hardware. It stopped functioning after a fall from a shelf ... It had...
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    The Atom is $99, a more than decent price for such a high performing product ... Did hey cut too many corners?
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Just ordered the NAD HP50 after having read mitchco glowing review ... Hasn't received it yet... Will be a few weeks...
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    Good morning from Sweden!

    There was a fellow back in the days at AVS Forum who swore by ino Audio. Interesting design concepts .. I am partial to multiple subs. IMO this is the only way to get smooth response in the bass ... I tend to believe , no data that I have come across that we hear in the bass is whole room...
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    Review and Measurements of Sony STR-ZA1100ES AVR

    Hi Manufacturers need to be more innovative with AVR. The formula is getting lame: Lot of inputs, lot of (unused) features. Poor interfaces and so-so objective performance. I believe technology and needs are there to present something else to the consumer. Denon with their HEOS are somewhat...
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    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd NFB2 192 DAC

    We believe you Caleixco. You have the best set of ears among us plebeians who only believe in instruments. We also know that you have the data to prove it. Please share it with us. Don't be so secretive.
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    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd NFB2 192 DAC

    Then try to remove the Self (so easily fooled) from the equation and let the instruments , soul-less and self-less be your guides.
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    Steve Guttenberg on active speakers

    Think you're missing his point.
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    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd NFB2 192 DAC

    I suppose that is why one must allow the product to burn in, while one meditates to remove all biases :facepalm: ... Pity the reviewer of some Audio Research products that need 650 hours of born in to reach their potential, that would be a loooong meditation ... I apologize in advance for the...
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    Steve Guttenberg on active speakers

    We are slowly assisting the demise of the Audio Shrine, you know, The tower with preamp, DAC ( in three box with the obligatory Atomic Clock and the reclocker) plus the mono-block amplifers at each side and the fat, huge garden hose speaker cables :) ... Even for seasoned audiophile it seems...
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    Review and Measurements of Audio-gd NFB2 192 DAC

    There was back in the days a person who spoke about "programming" the electrons to be less random .... or ?? He had a clock that sold for $350 that was basically a $10 Radio Shack clock ... Some people did find this "treated" device to work wonders on their soundstage .. at that time the...
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    $500 amplifiers to test and review?

    Hi what about this amp from Matrix-Audio who's DAC threatens the most sensitive instruments...
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