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    Speakers that measure well and work in small room

    I'm after a direction on some stereo speakers for a 12'x16' room. The set-up has a pair of Gale 401a in horizontal orientation with 3 sealed subs that are fed a <80Hz mono signal with crossover done in the digital domain based on filters generated from Audiolense. My basic issue is that in this...
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    <50Hz bass for stereo

    I've set-up an old pair of wide-baffle 3-way book-shelf speakers in our 12' x 16' room as a nice listening nook for when our son, and his friends, take over our main lounge where the main system is set-up. I've set-up some tuned bass traps in the front corners and super-chunks in one rear...
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    Good, inexpensive, A to D Converter?

    Can anyone recommend a good quality, reasonably priced, stereo A to D converter with AES (XKR) or SPDIF (RCA) outputs?
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    Advice on adding a subwoofer

    I'm looking to add a subwoofer, or two, to fill out the 20 to 80Hz portion of a stereo system that resides in small 16' x 12' room that has combination of Helmholtz and super chunk bass traps. The chain is music server -> pro-audio interface -> (.80Hz) line level to stereo speakers + -> (<80Hz...
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    Pre-amp for active digital / analogue speakers

    This thread is spawned from an initial discussion within the Dutch & Dutch 8c thread about digital pre-amps that can feed the speakers like the 8c which have digital inputs. To summarise, the 8c have a single input that can be configured for analogue or digital (AES), on-board volume control via...
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