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    Please tell me a good compact class D amplifier (+ DAC, 2 in 1) for bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer (2.1 sound)

    Yes, it is, honestly i can't reveal for what price but i bought that brand new for less than 2/3 of stated price. Just try asking for a good price. Sometimes you get it.
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    If you could do it all over again...

    Why a sound card and why not external dac? I kinda need help regarding this. I understand jds labs ol dac is enough as a dac but for same price i can buy creative ae-5 sound card or creative g6 external sound card. i use Gaming PC(including noise from gpu and other parts) as source. I have jds...
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    AMP recommendation beside THX 789 and JDS Labs Atom

    Maybe Jds labs has distributor in HK or china, talk to John, he might can guide you.
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