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    Inline passive attenuators, should I bother?

    how does the current setup sound? i have used 10db rothwell attenuators between preamp and power amp because the sound was somewhat strained at moderate volume levels and had that "overdriven" quality. the attenuators made the sound smoother and more natural.
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    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    neither everything nor nothing.
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    Class D FAQ

    unfortunately the science of evaluating amplifiers strictly from measurements and what my ears tell me are often two different things. many things come into play by the time an amplified audio signal reaches one's ears, not the least of which is the electrical interaction with the loudspeaker's...
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    Tube Rolling: Does it Make a Difference?

    Sincerely no offense meant to anyone. However I did not make any assumptions about what others may hear and I feel insulted when others make assumptions about what I hear and experience. You have 50 years of detailed experience with tube electronics and sincerely cannot hear the differences...
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    Tube Rolling: Does it Make a Difference?

    You may have since changed your viewpoint but the conclusion is based on a very limited sample size and a product that may be sonically insulated from the effects of different tubes. To really hear the differences one would need a product that has tubes placed in the circuit that allow their...
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    Tube Rolling: Does it Make a Difference?

    This position is truly laughable and I sincerely mean no offense by it. It clearly shows a gross ignorance and lack of experience with tube amplification products.
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    Kef LS50 meta (+ sub + Benchmark AHB2) or Genelec 8331a (+ sub)

    If you would like a natural sounding speaker that sounds quite a bit like real music check out the MoFi LS3/5a or any used LS3/5a monitors on the market. Complete the system with some iso acoustics desktop stands and a sub of your choice and smile everytime you play music...
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    Which speakers gave you the *wow* factor?

    Recent ones- Harbeth SHL5+, the clearest most natural sounding vocals I had ever heard at the time. Joseph Audio Pulsars, clear and ultra refined. not a sour not or edge to be fund. Spatial Audio X Premium, dynamic, smooth open baffle design with incredible bass and freedom from cabinet...
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    Some are probably better than others, especially speakers that are more driver coherent, e.g. " speaking with one voice". In my experience though speaker positioning can make most any speaker disappear- distances from room boundaries, distances to nearby screens and large surfaces, distance...
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    Is the Benchmark AHB2, in mono mode, really better than my Mark Levinson No. 536 monoblocks?

    Sure, I'll try. Admittedly it is more something that you have to experience, if someone tried to explain it to me before I heard it the words might be intriguing but would still fall flat. My first class A amp ran up to 75 watts before it switched to class AB. The sound was actually too...
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    Pass Labs XA25 for Revel F228be?

    Your new Revel towers are actually significantly more sensitive (89db vs 84db) than your bookshelf Revels. Listen away - they should sound much better and more lively. I do hope you like their sound though, when I heard them I could not get past the influence on the sound that the ceramic...
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    Is the Benchmark AHB2, in mono mode, really better than my Mark Levinson No. 536 monoblocks?

    Great sounding metal domes are out there- it takes a more complex crossover to make their breakup modes inaudible but it can be done. See Harbeth for example. Super smooth metal domed tweeters with natural detail.
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    Is the Benchmark AHB2, in mono mode, really better than my Mark Levinson No. 536 monoblocks?

    For the two class A amplifiers I have owned / currently own, there is something about their speed and micro dynamics that set them apart from my other class AB amplifiers. They also seem to keep complex music better organized and timed. Hard to imagine until you compare amplifiers back to...
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    Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile?

    Aiming the speakers to fire directly in front of the listener uses the directivity of the horn loaded drivers to an advantage and helps to mitigate the uneven response of on axis measurements. The big achievement of these speakers is the lack of cabinet resonance and subsequent coloration for...
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    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    Late to the thread but you are showing your naivete'- big time. But I know how it is, believing you can make broad sweeping assumptions that must be facts because measurements say it is so and that you are unable to hear any differences in your budget gear. First off DACs (and CD players)...
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    Tannoy xt 8f or dynaudio emit 50

    Dynaudios by a wide margin. I heard the Tannoys and the treble was crispy and distorted- most likely because of the difficult transition between a 10" woofer and coincident tweeter.
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    I've owned speakers by.....

    Polk Audio Realistic Focal PSB KEF Spendor Harbeth Subwoofers Realistic JL Audio Martin Logan REL
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    Parasound sound comparisons A21+ vs Zonemaster2350

    I have heard the differences and the a21+ has a slightly more clear, coherent voicing than the a21. The a21 sounded slightly foggy and slow by comparison.
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    JL Audio HD900/5 Review (Car Amplifier)

    Nice test. I have been running this amp in my car since 2012 and it continues to impress me (so does my modest car!) Running a DIY ScanSpeak discovery sealed subwoofer and two-way actives in the front and the sound is clear, dynamic and excellent. Good to see sound quality reinforced by...
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