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    Topping RD3 TP Balanced DAC Review

    Very nice. I just wish Topping (or somebody else) will come with a high performance dac in a big enclosure including 5"-7" of spectrum analyser / vu meters / song details swappable display.
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    Loxjie D40 Pro DAC & HP Amp Review

    This dac/hp amp sounds like a great value for money and I would love to upgrade my D30 to it. But I will not. It might sound stupid but the same thing happened to me with Topping before. Those companies (and not just them) keeps changing the form factor with every new release. Today I have the...
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    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    W.O.W The combo is a killer. All they need is to add EQ to the DAC and I will part ways from the RME.
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