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    Arylic BP50 Preamp with HDMI ARC Review

    Wow. If you tripled the price and produced performance roughly equivalent to that of a Topping D10, this would be an amazing little device. Maybe Topping should get to work on incorporating this functionality for a budget price.
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    Juson Audio JTA35 Tube Amplifier, DAC & HP Amp Review

    I would totally love driving a Model T, or a Model A for that matter. Would make a blood sacrifice to drive a Stanley Steamer and made a moderately sincere effort to import a Treblant as a homage to the Cold War. I wouldn't commute to work on any of these, but commuting to work is...
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    Juson Audio JTA35 Tube Amplifier, DAC & HP Amp Review

    garlic cloves totally work. I'm working with a crew from Romania and they know this sh*t cold.
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    Juson Audio JTA35 Tube Amplifier, DAC & HP Amp Review

    I would put this on my desk at work and take Zoom calls through it and earn some sort of strange rep with my co-workers and consider it money well spent. [that is just the way i roll]
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    Poll: How do you primarily listen to audio at home?

    OMG, I love your diagram so, so much. Is this done by hand or by some clever app that simulates being done by hand? I don't want to have your baby, but I am willing to worship you on alternate Thursdays.
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    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    The Ulberht speaker under Flagship excited my trypophobia. Good Lord! some insect is nesting in that thing! stay away!
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    Buckeye NC252MP Stereo Amplifier Review

    Love the books you use to prop up the turntable feet. Classy. "The Portrait of Mr. W.H." by Wilde and some other Penquin Classic on the left (can't quite make out the title). Forget looking at audio power amps, have a look at someone's books!
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    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    When I compose my perfect setup in my head or a scratch notebook, I feel good when I can add a Schitt component. (I just respect their schtick and their responsiveness to ASR). Latest justification is twofold: 1. a knob to grab to reduce volume without pawing through DAC controls and 2. a...
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    EAR Yoshino 834L Deluxe Preamp Review

    I'm completely neutral on the "tubes are just senseless" debate. My observation is that the case is *way* below standard for the price. My imagined test is that you invite the neighbors or a cousin over and give them a tour of the audio equipment. They politely nod and ask a couple of...
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    PrimaLuna Dialogue Seven Tube Amp Review

    This would be perfect for enjoying the 1/2 hour LP vinyl recording of applause after one of Stalin's speechs. Cold war nostalgia.
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    A lot of value there. I really like the big volume knob. Good to have a quick "chicken switch" if a manual screw up has you driving the speakers too hard. I can see this little amp as being more than good enough for many applications.
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    Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC Review

    Or someone comes to visit and wants to play something for you. Phone is the handiest way for a quick listen.
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    Moondrop Blessing 3 Review

    These are very tempting (for me). $300 is such a seductive price range. I'm listening to the ~$60 Moon drops reviewed here a while ago. They are definitely a deal. Perfect for throw them in the back pack, take Zoom work calls, listen to jazz while working, knock about headphones...
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    SCH-REMOTE Digital VU/Spectrum Meter Review

    I say yes to all of the above. when I was making serious money, buying this would be "a little pick me up" as my boss would say. I'm really tempted. Nothing wrong with dopamine at the proper titration. (of course a multi k $ Swiss watch was my boss' idea of a pick me up) cheap gadgets are cool...
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    Big math/science results within easy reach

    good point. solid objects ain't solid and confusing physics and mathematics can lead to all kinds of category errors. maybe take the pea and the Sun as a metaphor for a very small diameter solid sphere and a very large diameter solid sphere.
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    Big math/science results within easy reach

    I'd say that Godel's theorem is pretty approachable. Pretty much the Cantor diagonal proof on steroids. (above is a pointer to Amazon : "on formally undecidable propositions of the principia mathematica" A bit more work is required to digest the Pea and the Sun...
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    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    Google translate says: [ it doesn't have a torroidal xformer like the SMSL SU-10] a little tweaking with an external power supply (or internal if possible) with a toroid, good capacitors and ultra low noise components should make the sound better. I'm ok with the experience if someone help...
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    EverSolo Z8 DAC & Amp Review

    I'm talking through my hat here (a bit, as I don't know the company): BUT, the reference designs are likely very performative if they are placed on PCBs with proper shielding, grounding, and signal integrity techniques which is an art form (almost). If the company's EE's are experienced in...
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    Convenience is important. I use a Quedelix occasionally with TruthEar IEMs. Even that is super good enough audio quality, but just the number of items + chargeable devices = annoying. Skiing is worse! I use Carv, a ski training AI-ish device with two small boxes, one on each boot...
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    Refreshing movies worth watching

    I definitely second "The Triangle of Sadness", its so good that its put "The Square" on my to watch list. "White Noise" with Adam Driver is quirky, funny. instant cult classic. I'm lucky to be living in the Boston/Cambridge MA area where we have several good "art house" cinemas. Love this...
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