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    Looking for great PC nearfield speakers that can play low-quality sources (Spotify & YouTube)

    I just watched/listened the whole Radiohead In Rainbows - From the Basement video on YouTube today. All I can say, is that it sounded really really good on mine. Not a fan of EDM, but I do listen to a lot of old school rap on Spotify, and I am really pleased with what I’m hearing. You already...
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    Do the Genelec 8030c hiss?

    You would also be at an arm length to press the little button* behind them to completely remove any hiss. How often would you be in that room without listening to music? In my case, at that distance, I can hear a little hiss of nothing else is turned on or making noise. I actually never realized...
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    Why do speakers pop and thump with a surge protector?

    Also found this; “Behringer makes a passive monitor controller (big volume knob with mute and mono button) that you can set between your interface and speakers. Keep your speakers on at all times and just crank the knob/hit mute when I power down your interface.”
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    Why do speakers pop and thump with a surge protector?

    Found this on reddit. Was curious as I have the same “problem”. But I really don’t mind flipping the back power switch on my speakers. “If you can leave your PC* plugged in at all time, just tell him not to power ANYTHING down, unless you specifically tell him to (somewhere in power management...
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    DSP vs speaker measurement

    I already own a pair of 8020. But they are about 7 feet away (just over 2 meters) and feel they are a bit small for the job. Room is around 9x12 feet (2.75x3.65m). I was thinking about moving them to the office where they would be in a real near field environment. I’m wondering if I should keep...
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    DSP vs speaker measurement

    I need an analog in for a turntable. I don’t like the idea of balanced speakers and unbalanced TT and a device that only do one or the other. Plus, the idea to be able to use a NAS for music and one box solution is a big plus in favor of the SHD.
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    DSP vs speaker measurement

    How important are speakers’ measurements/frequency response if you are to use DSP? Better invest in good speakers without DSP, or the other way around? I’m considering a Minidsp SHD in he living room, as is it checks all the boxes of my needs in a “one box solution”. But do I still need a pair...
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    Minidsp SHD ; Initial Impressions; set up etc

    I’m seriously considering a SHD, but more as a one box solution. Pre amp, DAC and streamer in one box. If Tidal sounds as good as .alac files from the Mac, that’s one less box in the mix. If not, will probably go the NAS way. Question for you; the only way to have wifi capabilitie, is through...
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    Traditional analog preamp vs digital

    In this day and age, is there a good reason to use a traditional analog preamp versus a digital one (DAC with analog in)? I’m in the market for a preamp to control the volume of my powered speakers and I am getting a little confused about which way to go. As I have a turntable, a DAC with volume...
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    miniDSP Flex

    I need a new preamp and possibly a DAC (currently using a Focusrite Scarlet). Only 3 inputs Mac Mini, TV & turntable. Output is a pair of Genelec. Any reasons to be using a traditional preamp over a MiniDSP Flex !? I was looking for a Schiit Freya S, but are there any advantage?
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    Optimizing a Genelec / NAD / DIRAC / JTR Setup

    The only thing missing, is a PS5 ;)
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    I can't tell a difference between 4 phono preamps

    Looking to uprage from a Nagaoka MP-110 on my SL1200 MK2. Any suggestions in the price range of the AT 740, Ortofon 2M Bronze ? Ever tried Denon DL 103 or 110 ?
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Glass speakers
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    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    +1 for the wines of François Morissette. Especially if you can find bottles from a couple vintages ago. I feel they are getting a little expensive for what they are, but still worth trying. He also had a project under the same name “Pearl Morissette” in California, but don’t know what happened...
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    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    You don’t think about Bordeaux !? ;)
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    Wine thread - what are you enjoying?

    It’s actually a regional thing. Côt in the Loire, Côt or Auxerrois* in Cahors and Malbec everywhere else. I’ve heard younger wine makers in Cahors call it Malbec more often than not. In the Loire though, it’s pretty much always Côt. *not the same as Auxerrois (blanc) in Alsace
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    Active speakers volume control

    My preamp just died on me and I need a cheap and temporary solution while I decide what my next move will be. Can I use something like a Mackie Big Knob ($70) passive volume control between my TV and my Genelec? Would it work? Any other solution? The cheaper the better for now.
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    Torn: Genelec 8040b 8050b or G Five

    The 4000 series also come in black, have auto turn on/off and are balanced.
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    Genelec sub position

    I m thinking about adding a subwoofer (7040) to my 8020s in the living-room, but there is not enough space to put it facing front. Is it problematic to have the front of the sub facing either side of the room instead of towards the listening position?
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