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    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Measurement Update

    It's simple to me though a life lesson that gets relearned all too often.... Folks who talk in circles are a waste of time. Folks who support the person who talk in circles as well are a waste of time. Unfortunately that is 40% or more of the overall population of whatever the subject is. Lou...
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Two points 1 Tekton lists the speaker if I am looking at the right one as a Monitor. A monitor is meant to be flat. Thus the argument that artistic choice beyond flat does not make sense in the design. 2. Lawsuits are best avoided. I have seen folks who most likely are right but lose a lot...
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    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    Great posting and learning experience. The technique you deployed I have seen others do but done outside to take out any room modes. If you had fun it was worth it.
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    Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Streamer Review

    Yet this is one of the audiophile darlings. Shame in many ways.
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    FAQ Questions on Audio/ASR

    Why do measurements matter? How can rave reviewed components elsewhere get headless reviews on ASR? What are the most important measurements? What are the top snake oil myths and why are they bogus? But what if I like the sound of a component with a bad ASR review?
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    Open baffle speaker design

    I have open baffle speakers (Spatial Audion M4 Turbo S) and absolutely love them and think of them as quite natural sounding. I one day will do measurements for the fun of it and to see what comes of the response in my listening position. They also have a rather large sweet spot or at least...
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    Splitting DAC XLR Out for Multiple Amps

    To restate the original question., simply is there any harm or loss of audio quality to send a signal to 2 amplifiers at the same time using a simple y cable to split the source output to the 2 amps. Sometimes both amps will play at the same time and other times one or the other will be...
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    Hifi Forum TDA-1541A DAC Review

    For grins I just so happened to pull out my 1541a chip based Magnavox cdp 473 and I can tell you my opinion which I was not anticipating. It was awful. I then searched out what others felt and found this ASR review. It is really easy to describe. It had those tones that a certain segment of...
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    Best AV Processor under $3k? Lexicon MC-10, Anthem AVM 60, or something else?

    Rather old lasting thread ran across looking for info on Lexicon MC-8. (Note I just realized the MC-10 is a different animal / heritage than the MC-8. My MC-8 comments thus probably don't apply to MC-10. Lexicon essentially rebadges other vendor products, adds their Logic 7 SW suite, puts a...
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    SMSL A300 Stereo Amplifier Review

    The feature set the SMSL A300 is exactly what I am looking for. But if the performance is not on par with ASR recommendation, that has me stumped. I am looking for a unit that has the following: * quality amp to drive high end speakers (SMSL A300 fails per ASR review) * power rating of at...
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    SMSL A300 Stereo Amplifier Review

    What has been your experience with the smsl a300? It has all the features you prioritized as exactly what i am looking for and am bummed it did not meet ASR recommendation and am not finding an alternative as of yet.
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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    Well got me but here is one mention ..... The strive for accuracy by Dunlavy to a precise location makes for a studio monitor though the Dunlavy's are not meant for near field and the cabitry furniture grade finish are more towards a luxury end user. So if a studio mixer/master has the...
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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    You gotta laugh what it would be like for a SC-V arriving at Amir's (let along a pair) and let Amir put it on the side somewhere until gets around to testing. The image has me LMAO. (As for you, I take it you got a lot of room to leave that collection of Dunlavy's sitting around.)
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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    Thx. I will try some more experimenting as get around to it. I can say I have done several stabs at it and its been a while since I have tried again as the head in a vice thing basically took them out of rotation for a year as of now. I am totally in awe of the Spatial M4s and they are much...
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    Potential performance loss using a manufacturer specified 8Ω only amp, with 4Ω speakers (Dunlavy SC-IIs)

    I would love to see a review by Amir, and quite honestly if it came out bad it would bring up a very interesting point. Amir's test have the mic very close to the speaker. Dunlavy, a speaker genius engineer who very much has Amir philosophy on flat response and anti snake oil, but Dunlavy...
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    Adding a 10-band PEQ to a DAC - What is holding manufacturers back?

    So very timely thread for me .... Several options I know of and love anyone's experience or adding here to share with others: 1) HW PEQ: Behringer Feedback Destroyer or the Ultra Curve. Not clear on their SNR as to if there is anything more harm then good, but they seem to fit the bill for a...
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    Poll: How do you primarily listen to audio at home?

    I leverage my 7.1 system for movie and only use 2 of the speakers for audio. I pre out the audio speakers to higher quantity amp while the surrounding speakers are either mini amps or receiver amp. My critical system use a 7.1 pre pro lexicon mc8 while secondary just a receiver. So my answer...
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    New Open Baffle Speaker from Clayton Shaw

    My speakers are Spatial Audio Labs M4 Turbo S. They sound great to me, and what is most enjoyable is that the sound stage is huge with good deliniation. There is a sweet spot, but also people on either side still get a good spatial staging. For me, these are important characteristics...
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    JDS Atom Amp 2 Headphone Amplifier Review

    The rear output RCAs is that a pass through unaffected by the gain or volume?
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    AV123 / GR Research X-Voce Speaker Review

    Almost bought one of these used until I realized how huge the damn thing is! It's great to have a faithful following.
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