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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    FOSI have dropped this vid this morning.
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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    Got up too late. The 2 X V3, 48V/5A PS combo slots are filled. Had to get a single 10A PS.
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    Click/Popping sound when changing songs on Tidal connect: Topping D90SE/WiiM Pro

    I've started a couple tickets with WiiM on this issue. Apparently it is an issue with WiiM's firmware and a number of DACs. I've experienced "fixes" by WiiM that solved the issue, but then a new firmware update is released and the problem re-appears. I just switched out a SMSL SU-1 for a Schiit...
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    SMSL SU-1 Stereo DAC Review

    I believe I have finally given up on using my SU-1 with my WiiM Pro in my system. The sound is not the issue. I have experimented with multiple DACs, and all are, to my ear, indistinguishable. The issue has been a compatibility with the WiiM. WiiM has issued regular updates, upgrading...
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    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    Amir, I did not see in your or Erin's review if the volume control was level of the analog output, or if it is handled in the digital section, as it is in the other WiiM streamers. I know there are a lot of arguments as to whether doing so digitally and dropping bits is audible. (Sorry for...
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    Review and Measurements of Topping MX3 DAC & Amp

    I've been using my MX3 in a second office desktop system for about a year now. The only issue I have been having is related to electrostatic discharges. I live in an extremely dry environment. (8K ft altitude) Even with the MX3 grounded to the computer desk frame, that is in turn grounded to the...
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    ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 Bookshelf Speakers too boomy please test

    Erin's review identifies some issues with this speaker. I did not encounter 'boomy' bass when I tried a pair. Mine were over 4 ft from the front wall, with a sub. The crossover peak was, to me, quite obvious.
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    Add radio tuner

    In the WiiM Home app, go to search, Stations, and type in the call sign of the station you are looking for.
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    Add radio tuner

    Most radio stations have a streamed feed of their broadcast signal. A PC or streamer will allow you to access that feed. I happen to use a WiiM Pro streamer, digital out to an external DAC then feeding the analog stereo output to a pre-amp/amp. The WiiM remote has 4 pre sets that I use for...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Just saw that ELAC's FB ad quotes Amir's review. Is that allowed?
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    Fosi V3, SMSL SU-1, KEF LS50 Meta
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    The LS50 Meta just went on Black Friday sale for $999.99 at all the usual (USA) KEF vendors.
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Bookshelf Speaker) Video

    The LS50 Meta just went on Black Friday sale for $999.99 at all the usual KEF vendors.
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    The ELAC BS-41. AFAIK only available from Amazon. In one interview, Andrew Jones was positively giddy talking about this speaker. Currently $153/pr, the price has varied from $68 to a list price of $180.
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    With the current discount codes, my total (from Fosi's website) was $94.99 shipped, w/48V PS.
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    FYI, Crutchfield's website states the current Elac sale ends 6/28. (Neither Amazon nor Elac's website indicate an ending date.)
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    Amir's 2023 Pacific Audio Fest Report

    I was there yesterday as well. This was my first hifi show of any kind, after nearly fifty years in the hobby(?) A couple comments. As several others mentioned, my impression was one of overpriced opulence. Also snake oil seems to be alive and well. The demographic of the crowd was more than a...
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    Your Desktop Audio Setup?

    Elac BS-41 speakers with Neil Blanchard Designs cabinet and crossover mods, Dayton Audio 8 in powered sub, Topping MX3 (all-in-one) and Schiit Modi+.
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