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    Adjusting the microphone to the interface

    10volts?! Microphone?! 10V RMS is approximately 14.14427 volts peak. 28.2885 volts peak to peak. Advise recheck . I shall do so too. Done. yes the 10 volts is set using the do switchs, with no attenuation. That is, With all dip switchs on 0 (or off) (or with an all spacing code combination.)...
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    Adjusting the microphone to the interface

    thats what the switchs are for on the bottom of the board. to answer , yes most assuredly yes. wayne
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    E1DA Cosmos ADC

    re noise coming up when freq inceaase, seems to say capacitive reactance has decreased, the noise looks like various mixture of radios and what not coming from electric common ground into the circuit enclosure, not seeing the schematic and cannot hardly try desoldering caps or changing value...
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    E1DA Cosmos ADC

    Hi Ivan, how's it going hope you stay healthy. oh was Cable looks like attachment of new firmware filename 768K graph you posted is 360 K nyquist for me this is very good news, thanks very kindly sire, Hope To purchase adc soon. Later Good Man Wayne
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    E1DA Cosmos ADC

    HI Ivan, Wayne here in SF maybe sound dialog i have w10 howe er i have read the same comes up under w11 maybe one slider is turned down see attached., c u later Wayne ,
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    as far as io know the windows driver, since xp, vista , 7 and 10, reverts to 16 bit 44.1K when converting pcm data rates from something other then,. if a mis match has occured, could be a mismatch,. slow down check everything you can one at a time,. maybe something like a mute button somewhere...
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    audio interface with Jriver anybody?

    try asio drivers also try disabling nvidia sound (only ound) under windows sound dialog ,. it is easy to do and easy to turn back on when eneded,. select what ever your using as the default, but advise do not use windows wdm drivers for records only for playing back with windows media player...
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    EVGA NU Audio Pro Review (Internal Sound Card)

    thanks to Amir for the review, registered myself to thank you, being not as blessed as you career wise, read your articvle on working life, who you are, not quite as blessed as yourself, in some ways, assume much more poverty on my end, writing from a welfare hotel room where i live in san...
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