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    Speakers with clay cabinets spotted

    I think it's great, maybe not hifi but very imaginative. We don’t know the context and the details, maybe the inside is heavily lined or even just with clay that does not dry. The top horn could be refined, the mid shape is strange but maybe it’s just for the support and 2nd and 3rd chambers are...
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    DIY speaker stands

    I was about to build one in wood for my 3 way classic in progress, but saw this cheap ODDVAR at ikea: They’re good for 100kgs, I’ll check the detailed dimensions in the shop but I might try. Painted black, legs cut to the needed length, reversed with some concrete poured at the bottom + some...
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    Going Active - Discrete parts or Hypex Fusions?

    The answer is obvious to me but I’m partial and might not understand some details of your needs. Why do you want the Wiim on both? I guess it’s needed as preamp with the fusions but seems redondant with the flex (that has coax/toslink and hdmi in). So I’m partial to minidsp for their plugins...
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    Video: Development of the B&O Beolab 90

    I certainly enjoyed it, it's rare to see the whole process even including the relation with the designer. That they called « visual » designer, when it’s probably more an industrial designer (I’m picky but I was one). I was surprised by few things: - the limited number of prototypes, maybe they...
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    Matching amps through measurements

    I’m guessing you don’t have a mic and rew? With an rta app on your smartphone you could measure each section playing pink noise. Phone at the same level, let’s say 1meter away. Then adjust the fosi to match or to your liking. You should see the effect of the crossover. It’s not super accurate...
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    Matching amps through measurements

    if you want to level match shouldn’t you use a mic? (even a simple app if not umik/rew) Voltage needs might be very different per section.
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    New VU Meter Switcher Questionnaire Survey

    I really like the lc30 but found few issues on its calibration (, still using it though. I will soon need 3 more so maybe I'll wait for the next one. Don't want to bother with gmail so I'm...
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    Ideas on solid state amp for high efficiency speakers (105db)

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    Woofsorber - thoughts on an ultra-near-field subwoofer directly behind the head

    Thinking more about it, the driver being so close to the wall you will certainly get some issues, unless it's very solid. If the room behind is yours you could also try IB, you got your big baffle right there! That would give you the best response, but will require a bit butchering, and some...
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    Woofsorber - thoughts on an ultra-near-field subwoofer directly behind the head

    I like exotic stuff so I’d say it’s worth a quick & dirty try but I would not expect great ob sound. Or is it just a fun project? We know ob needs a lot of breathing space so you get enough of the front wave before it’s cancelled by the return of the rear wave, here you’re playing with the...
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    SMSL A50 Pro 3-channel amp

    It seems they recently updated the specs on the crossover, before (and still on few web pages) it was an odd range of 50-120hz for lp & 200-600hz for hp while now it’s a more classic 70/90-250hz. I might use it as plate amp, to power two 3 way with only a 4 digital ch dsp.
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    Concrete Speaker Evaluation

    Neat project, do you want to share the building process? I played a bit with concrete too on subs, but the damn’ thing ended near 200Kgs, it will stay where it is... How heavy are yours?
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    Budget Naked Open Baffle Speakers

    Very cool, sounds great on my nudes too. A pole and some zip-ties, that’s all we need, go nude, go nupole!
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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    They won’t fit, but the stereo version does ;)
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    Fosi Audio LC30 Dual VU-Meters

    My mistake, I thought I saw some linearity in the way the needles move, when there isn’t. I mean by playing with signal level and knobs I could find a point where the needle would react well. A point where adding 10db on input would move the needle by 10db. But if I add 10db more then the needle...
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    Fosi Audio LC30 Dual VU-Meters

    Had to open it to re-tighten the RCA connectors so here some inside pics. - Unit is laying on its top panel here, you see the TPA is too large for the rear lc30 pcb to fit back, so I placed it at now the bottom on the unit when closed. I will glue it later. I kept most of the connectors on the...
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    Fosi Audio LC30 Dual VU-Meters

    Got one few weeks ago, idea was to test it and see if I could easily build something close to what @dualazmak did Turned out I probably won't but I did something else. But first I didn't have any of the issues you listed, my device didn't let sound pass though and needles didn't swing when off...
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    What are we listening to right now..

    happy with my new dipole subs : Raffy Bushman, look up
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Around the Trout · Daisuke Tanabe · Yosi Horikawa
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