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    help with getting the right audio interface

    Rule of thumb according to Julian Krause: hp imp > 8x amp out imp This was presented in the conclusions section of the video below:
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Audiosense is offering a nice discount on two of its IEMs (the AQ7 and the DT600):
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    How About Creating a Modern Cassette Player?

    For possible recording you might want new high quality cassettes. Are those easily available these days (or available at all)?
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    Denon AVR vs AVC?

    IIRC in Germany every new device that is capable of receiving analog radio must be capable of receiving digital radio, too. Otherwise the sale is not permitted. Therefore, Denon could not simply sell the US version (with probably minor technical adjustments) on the German market. Denon would...
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    When rolling them between the fingers I cannot sense a clear difference although from visual inspection it seems that silicon on the IE Pro tips is thicker. I never had the IE 600 stock tips in my ears because when I got the IE 600 I was already familiar with the IE Pro tips and used them...
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    I you haven't already you might try the Sennheiser IE Pro-M eartips. Although they are ment for the Sennheiser IE 40/100/400/500 Pro they fit my IE 600 and several other IEMs (including the 7Hz Zero:2) just fine. They are available as silicone as well as memory foam tips. What I expecially like...
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    Choosing RAM in a laptop

    There is one classic wisdom when upgrading computer hardware: Q: What is better that more RAM? A: Even more RAM! Don't be too concerned with RAM speed. Faster RAM will typically give you only a small improvement in overall performance.
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    Choosing RAM in a laptop

    Did you confuse DDR with dual channel?
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    Anthem AVM90 AV Processor Review

    Amir correctly said "on sale". Here is one current offer:
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    KEF R3 Meta - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Try this one:
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    Starting with turntables

    Thank you for your comment. I do share at least a part of your view and remember to have read a certain number of your posts to my benefit. As for ASR in general, I like to remind what Amir himself did tells us. From his description below the introductory video to the ASR youtube channel: "...
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    Starting with turntables

    Yes. Isn't our audio hobby first and foremost about having fun (which is very much individual)? I don't hesitate to reveal that I am able to enjoy music from a portable FM radio although this by far does not reach the quality of my other systems.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    If you care to look at the original website you find out that on request they ship to Switzerland and Luxemburg, too.
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    Hi-if subwoofer with line level pass through

    Well, let's take a look at the SVS SB-2000 Pro data: Entry in @sweetchaos' spreadsheet (credits to him for this fantastic resource!): 25,31,40hz with 7 to 9db/octave, must be manually enabled using mobile app's DSP "room gain compensation". The term and the frequencies (not the slopes) meet...
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    Active Room Treatment (ART) by Dirac

    It depends on whether or not you use at least one sub. Just read post no. 565 from @Flak in this thread.
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    MiniDSP Flex HTx

    True that, but obviously @sweetchaos was aware of that (as well as I was) because he pointed at the more advanced DLBC and ART. Nevertheless, thank you for the reply.
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    MiniDSP Flex HTx

    That would be great, but the most recent (already some months old) statement I could find sugests that just more patience is required without encouraging any hope:
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    Thomann embargo for some brands in the US?

    You might be more successful with ordering from (They are quite similar to Thomann.) I tried to create an order and it seems they would ship the KH-150s to the US.
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    Drummers you can't mistake

    John Convertino
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    Epos ES 14 N - best passive Speaker in so far? (7.4/10 with equalisation without subwoofer)

    From Amir's review: "EDIT: later testing showed that the room mode at about 105 Hz was impacting the tonality of the speaker. Once I filtered that, the sound was very good." Are you sure you got Amir's opinion right?
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